‘It’s All About ME’ Feature Documentary Nominated for Award at Commfest Film Festival

Its All About Me is nominated for COMMFFEST MADA AWARD! Winner will be revealed Sept 15 7.30-9.30pm. See the film: http://t.co/wMJwI3nn9x — It’s All About ME (@allaboutmemovie) September 10, 2013 On Saturday the theatre below is going to be filled with people tuned in to watch my first ever feature as a non-extra on the big screen. I’ve been in TV and movies before but this documentary is the first time I’m in a real film festival.  It’s nominated for an award too! Planning to get my nails done, a fresh shave on my head, and a new tattoo on Friday for the 13th. (I know Mum reading this will be happy cringing to hear that! ha. LOVE YOU MUM) There are a limited number of tickets available and you can get one here. Watch the trailer below and follow @allaboutmemovie on Twitter. We shot this just over a year ago…

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“It’s All About ME” Documentary an Official Selection for Commfest Film Festival

The last few weeks have been filled with so many great things and it’s not about to stop! I found out yesterday that the documentary I filmed last year with director Antoine Gaber about genY and millennials has been selected and will be premiering at the Commfest Global Film Festival on September 14th. I’m moving from small screen and second screen TO THE BIG SCREEN! The feature documentary “It’s all about ME” will be screened on Saturday 14 September 2013 at 8:30PM at the Rainbow Cinema (80 Front St E, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5E 1T4). I’ll keep you posted about tickets and when I’ll be walking the red carpet! 🙂 Watch the It’s All About ME Trailer

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This morning I was welcomed by good news! At December’s Daring Independent Film Festival, It’s All About Me – Feature Documentary won the AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY 2013! This is pretty exciting as we were also selected for the Ottawa Film Festival in October and won the MADA (Make a Difference) Award at COMMFFEST Global Film Festival in September. Award Winners at Daring Independent Film Festival 2013 Here’s Jenie, Mum, BF and I at the premiere in September. Watch the trailer below. I’ve heard it might be turned into a TV doc and we’ve been optioned for a radio show series starting later this month.  I’ll keep you posted for the launch. Always me chuckle that’s it’s called ‘It’s All About Me’ because Mum used to give me the gears that I was ‘all about me’, well Ma, it paid off! Look at me now! Mooohaha. She comes back from NZ today, can’t wait…

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