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Putting the JOY in JOMO

Putting the JOY in JOMO

There’s a good chance you met me at an event (if we’ve met IRL). Over the past 10 years I have gone to as many events as I could. Some weeks 3/night for 3/5 days a week. It’s a great way to meet new people, make friends, and expand your network. It’s also quite tiring, as is living on the internet and sharing your life throughout the day.

I still love going out but since my digital detox in Costa Rica I’ve also come to love being home. There was a time when I would trek across the city just to see everyone be seen at a party, then back to another event, and dance the night away.  Now, quite often, I find myself scrolling photos from people who were out the night before thinking ‘ooh, that looks fun’ and feeling joy that I didn’t make it.

My fav Snapchat filter is BACK!

You see, I’ve been to SO MANY things that I don’t really feel like I’m missing out.

I know there’ll always be cool new things but I also knowI mentally feel great when I have a good sleep and get up early, checking things off my list.

I make a point to pop by things hosted by people I care about or someone I’d like to meet, I’m just a little more choosy now.

I find it’s great to bundle them and make pit stops early so you can get home at a reasonable hour.

Clearly I’m getting older, ha!

But not too fast, today I have 5 events, starting with an afternoon of sailing! Follow along on Snapchat (casiestewart) for real time hilarity and a break in your day. 😊👻



Take The Sushine Wherever You Go

Take The Sushine Wherever You Go

Good morning from Trinity Bellwoods! I was on my way to the office when I decided to have a little hangout with my computer. If you missed my Facebook LIVE you can watch it here.  It’s absolutely stunning out today!

I didn’t realize when I sat here but I’m RIGHT beside the tree where a branch fell on Friday and killed someone. I can’t belive it. I’ve hung out in the park so many times and the thought of that happening is horrible. My thoughts are with the family.

Today I’m at the 1188 office working and then have an event tonight with Cadillac. It’s only a few days till my surgery and I can’t have booze, vitamins, tea, and have to drink heaps of water. I’m nervous but excited.

I think I like Facebook Live, I’m not into doing vlogs but it’s fun doing live video. Mine from just now is HERE if you missed that link or you can click below.

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Sending you sunshine from the park! ☀️

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Muskoka For The Win, Amazing Cottage Weekend ✔️

Muskoka For The Win, Amazing Cottage Weekend ✔️

It’s like a mini vacation with every visit, like hitting the reset button. ☀️🌊🚤🙏🏼 Today Sean and I had the best day, ice cream and a car show, then Grand Electric Muskoka for tacos and ceviche. 🍦🚗🌮

TBH I like the Grand Electric Muskoka vibe WAY better than the Queen West location, not as loud and the staff are higher on the chill scale.😎

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My dad is a hot rod builder and has been making cars like this my whole life. Happy Fathers Day Dad! 💛

This morning I got up early and took my SUP board for a spin. I love it so much. In time I’ll get a fancy wooden one but this was a great starter (~$500 vs $1,500). Thanks Sean, ILU!

The water is so calm before the lake wakes up. No waves, no bugs, and the pollen hasn’t spread through the water. Decided to dig up my GoPro. I *might* make videos soon. 

This hat was a gift from Columbia Sportswear and I love it. It sat in my room all winter and I discovered it again this week.  There was an elastic at the back, to make it stick on your head (for hiking?) but I cut it with scissors so it sits more relaxed on my head.

casiestewart, casie stewart, vocab communications, columbia sportswear canada, chrissy newton

Yesterday we hung out at friends cottage in the sun. Sean took me out on the seadoo and I screamed my head of racing around Muldrew Lake. He drives SO FAST. Good driver but my god I was hanging on for dear life!  All the kids went out on a hot dog floaty behind the boat, it was super cute.

Embot found a little caterpillar she named Mr. Fuzzy.

There were heaps of dragonfly cruising like mini heli drones. (Imagine they were creep drones? Someone tweeted me that once.) The only things I don’t like about the wilderness are GOD DAMN mosquitos/bugs. Everyone else got <5 bites last night and I got 10+.  I’m so itchy.

Second to mozzies are chipmunks, those damn things are not cute. If you don’t have a cottage you may disagree, but talk to me when you do! BUGGERS. 

We started watching OITNB on Netflix. Piper is amazing. I hope Ruby Rose is back this season, love her. Been girl crushing since she was on MTV Australia ages ago. I was sent a signed copy of the book a couple years ago, seen all the seasons. I’ll meet RR one day. 

We won’t be up here next weekend because I have surgery. Looking forward to being back for Canada Day and having my clothes fit different. Bathing suit what? Ahhh! Still hard to believe this is actually happening. I’ve wanted it for 20 years (since 14!). 🙆🏼

Here’s to a great week. I’m excited about life and plan to make the most of each day.

Remember, you’ll never be younger than you are today! 


Friday Fun! 

This morning I was at the Four Seasons for a shoot with Kelsey who is a co-owner of Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. We were taking about my digital detox and the importance of disconnecting in an uber connected world.  

The rest of my day is pretty chill because I’m prepping for a fun event with friends and a couple days at the cottage. 

Last night I went to a Latin street party after the IDEACITY conference. Baro is a new spot Kimg West from the creators of the (now closed) Valdez. 

Got an AWESOME delivery from 88 Creative yesterday, BELLWOODS BINGO. They put together a creative game and sent over all the goodies to make a perfect park hangout. 

I also got a CAKE WITH MY FACE ON IT from eBay. I’m delicious! Haha. JK, decided to cut around the rim and leave my face untouched. 

Ideacity was great. Got to hear some wonderful talks and was scanned in 3D.

It’s absolutely beautiful out today and was 20 degrees at 8am. Follow along Snapchat for the days adventures! 

Been Using Miracle 10 for 3 Months – Here’s My Results!

Been Using Miracle 10 for 3 Months – Here’s My Results!

I get heaps of beauty products and I try to use them all but, I only have one face. I often share them with mum, my sisters or friends. A couple months ago I was invited to The 10 Spot to try out Miracle 10 and get a mani. In searching email I found out that I was first contacted in 2013 about this product, created by a Canadian skin care company and developed by The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic Inc. I kinda suck at sticking to a beauty regime but I gave Miracle 10  try for 2 months and actually documented my face as it changed.

This product was gifted to me and I didn’t have to blog about it BUT I noticed a difference and since I took all those selfies I owe it to myself to share! 

As you can see my skin was kinda red. After 10 weeks, it looks fresh and more clear. I was going for a no-makeup selfie but I added some mascara and eyebrow. Once you put something on the internet it’s there forever ok! 😜

From the founders:

Miracle 10 was founded on the philosophy that, just like our bodies, the skin needs to be consistently challenged and “worked out” in order to be at its best. Our products do just that! With the right combination of ingredients and years of expertise behind the brand, we pride ourselves in the extraordinary results you will see in just 10 hours, 10 days and 10 weeks. Whether you have oily, dry, damaged or normal skin, we will provide you with the right combination of products to give you more refined, firm and radiant looking skin.


I say ‘about 10 weeks’ because I can’t actually remember how long it was but it has been a few months now. You can see why I’m not an official beauty blogger because that REALLY takes discipline. If you’re keen to try this or wanna know more check out their website @ miracle10.com.

Thanks The Ten Spot for having me in and introducing me to Miracle 10! 


Getting this Off My Chest 😊

Getting this Off My Chest 😊

I’m not really sure how to share this with the world but since I’ve been documenting here for a decade, it’s probably the best spot! 

About a month ago I got a phone call that changed my life. Today is the first step before a HUGE life change. I’m getting a breast reduction.

I’ve been talking about doing this since I grew them 20 years ago. 🙆🏼  Last year I went to a doctor and got a referral to a great surgeon. At my appointment he took some measurements and sent the info to OHIP. I didn’t hear anything for about 6 months and then I got the call.

Today my sister is coming to my pre-op appointment. I’m not feeling too nervous because I’ve actually waited a lifetime for this. I’ve had back pain and dents in my shoulders for too long!

I was considering not writing about it but reading other people’s stories on the RealSelf forum has really helped with anxiety and motivation.  Hopefully at least one person reading this finds it helpful or inspiring.

Hopefully the appointment today goes well. Nervous excited is my favourite feeling. 💐

UPDATE: My appointment was amazing! My sister and I loved meeting the staff, we had a bunch of laughs and felt like the nurse was one of my friends. I’m pleased to know I won’t be on bed rest and will be totally ok to walk around post surgery, it’s even encouraged. The stitches dissolve which is good bc I’ve seen some gross photos. They take out 50% of the weight and I can’t wait (haha) to know what THAT feels like. I’m soooooo looking forward to being able to run without having them bounce around and exercising in normal exercise not wearing a pile of bras/clothes to hide/secure them.

Feeling very thankful to live in Canada where Ontario Health Insurance Plan covers this. Legit #blessed! In 2 weeks I’m gonna be a new woman. I might even start doing outfit posts!


Digital Detox #tbt 

Digital Detox #tbt 

Looking back at my Amazing trip to Costa Rica where I stayed at Anamaya Resort. Read about my digital detox here. I’m ready for another one TBH! Check out this cool Summer Solstice RESET happening on June 20th in Trinity Bellwoods.

Have a beautiful day! 


MMMM FISHY FISHY! This guy was delish.
Summer eReading in the Sun + Kobo Giveaway

Summer eReading in the Sun + Kobo Giveaway

Since getting my Kobo reader I’ve read more in the last 2 months than I have in the past couple years. 🙈 I used to spend (a little too much) time scrolling my phone before bed, now I scroll a few pages of my book. Reading a book is much better relaxation before bed than reading random tweets or Facebook status updates, trust me on this one. I also really love how easy it is to read in the sun, together we’ve lazed on the dock, rode the sunny streetcar, and chilled in the park.

Last month I accepted the Kobo 7-Day e-reading challenge (read that post here), to replace my print book with a Kobo Glo HD for 7 days. Don’t get me wrong, I love paper books but fitting a pile in your carry-on or daily purse is just NOT practical. Kobo was created to please us fans of print books and tech lovers alike.

Aside from my loonnnng reading list I just learned they have MAGAZINES. 🙆🏼

I’m currently reading HER, a novel by Harriet Lane and have recently finished YOU by Carolyn Kepness and Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. During the summer I like reading light hearted chick lit or mystery novels. It’s a great way to take my brain on an adventure and step away from work. A few other great things about Kobo

  1. reading a preview of a book before you buy
  2. using the app on any of your devices
  3. built in wifi
  4. super light (not heavy)

The kind folks at Kobo have given me a device for YOU.  The brand new Kobo Glo HD retails for $139.99, comes fully equipped with wifi, customizable fonts/text size/margins, and the battery lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Ok, well not forever but waaaaay longer than your iPhone.  

The contest is open to anyone in Canada and runs today till Friday, June 10th. Enter below!



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Beer, Chips, Ferris Wheel, and The Adventure Contnues

My packages all get delivered to the 1188 office so sometimes I arrive art the office and it’s like Christmas! Yesterday I got a rad present from Blue Moon Brewery & VICE Canada, a party invite in the form of a colouring book with a nice set of pencils. So neat! The drawings are all by The Crazy Plate Lady (check her out here, so cool).

DYK THERES A KETCHUP DAY? Now you do! Lay’s sent a BOX of ketchup chips. I’ve shared most w/ the office because even though I could eat them all, I really shouldn’t. 🙊

Another clue in the weekend adventure w/ Ford Canada, they delivered this bag complete with a custom luggage tag. 

The Twitter conversation continued after this delivery but I still don’t know where we are going or what to pack. I’m thinking I’ll take everything Columbia Sportswear has given me and stay super casual. 

On Monday night I went to the Rogers Upfronts. If you’re not familiar w/ TV, it’s where they gather media and advertisers to share stats and introduce new programming. After, they have a huge banger. I laid on the field at 3rd base with a few of my bros and watched the show. After, ate all the snacks and rode the ferris wheel that was INSIDE the Blue Jays Stadium. So cool. 

Each of the channels (Vice, sports, etc) had a booth set up to share cool things about new shows. There was also beach volleyball, candy bars, and a couple food trucks. 

Saw this on my travels yesterday and loved it. You really don’t have to be a genius to make your life a masterpiece, you just have to go out and make it something. When I was a kid I used to write UNEEK on my notebooks. Everything comes full circle! 

This morning I’m speaking on a panel at Social Media Week about brands and influencers, it’s gonna be good. Very hot topic rn so quite fitting. 

Here’s to a GREAT DAY! 

Remember the Moments

Remember the Moments

This weekend was so nice and chill. We had a couple friends up at the cottage. Saturday was super sunny and beautiful while Sunday was the perfect lazy, rainy, couch day.

Put the LayBag in the water and it is so awesome. I purchased it after seeing ads on FB and I’m super glad I did. It’s a bit harder to fill up than it looks in the commercial but I’ve almost got it down.

This summer Sean and I have had heaps of time up at the cottage and it’s really helped me chill out. Ever since my digital detox in April I’ve really tried to take some relax time on the weekends.

This weekend I’m going away with Ford Canada on a mystery getaway. If you check the #EscapeandDiscover hashtag on Twitter a bunch of us blogger have been anxiously trying to try and figure out what we’re doing.

Oh Internet ILU.