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National Wine Day + Montes Wine Giveaway

A couple weeks ago I hosted a fun night with some of my bffs thanks to Montes Wine where paired Chilean cuisine a few of Montes finest . To celebrate National Wine Day (yes, thats a real thing!) I’ve partnered with them to do a wine giveaway.

Montes Wine is from Chile and can be found at the LCBO. My fav from the tasting are Montes Twins Sauvignon Blanc 2015Montes Alpha Malbec 2o12, and the Montes Alpha Cab Sav 2013. I don’t usually drink white wine much but their Sauv Blanc was delicious.

It’s easy to enter, click below to tweet me your favourite food/wine pairing. Once you click below, a Twitter window will open, pop your fav food in where it says [ENTER FOOD HERE].  The prize includes two bottles of that will be delivered to you from Montes wine. Contest is open to anyone in Ontario. 


Tweet: Hi @casiestewart my fav food to pair with wine is [ENTER FOOD HERE]. 🍷 #MontesAngel #NationalWineDay

As for my fav food pairings, I love a nice full bodied Cab Sav with a big steak bbq or Sauv Blanc with something from the sea. This weekend in Muskoka I cooked up a few fillets of black cod and paired them with Montes Outer Limits Sauvignon Blanc 2015. Using MSC Certified seafood of course!  

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.45.07 AMThanks Montes Wines for sponsoring our great girls hang and this giveaway. Go ahead and toast a glass to yourself tonight!

I’ll pick the winner Friday and the prize will go out early next week. Happy Wine Wednesday + National Wine Day!

Morning Commute for a Change

Morning Commute for a Change

It’s amazing how much you forget how to take the subway when you haven’t in a while. This morning I went from Dundas West to Summerhill and somehow made three mistakes along the way, wrong stop, wrong way, wrong side. 

What a n00b! I’m nearly done my book on Kobo so I guess that’s the real reason. 

I use do take the subway to work at my first job in Toronto. About an hour each way from Broadview to Yorkdale. It was worth it because I wanted to work in fashion SO BAD and this was my foot in the door at a really big private retail company. 

It’s so weird when you catch eyes with someone on the subway. Quick, look away. 

Typing on my phone is a great way to stay entertained. Almost done my coffee but I’m here now. Took way longer than I expected. Should have taken an Uber. It’s not as close to the subway stop as I thought, I really screwed up these directions but it’s pretty nice out today. ☀️

Kobo 7-Day Reading Challenge

Kobo 7-Day Reading Challenge

Growing up I spent heaps of time at the library with mum. Each summer we joined the Summer Reading Club and went back and forth to the Preston Branch carrying books in the wagon, the stroller, or homemade bookbags. Mrs. Macdonald, the librarian, was a familiar part of our lives and helped us learn to love books and reading.

Since joining the internet, I’ve read less books, well, I’d say less books overall since college/uni. This year I set a goal to read more books, scroll less websites. So far I’ve not done too bad! Last week I started a 7-day reading challenge with Kobo to discover the joy of e-reading.

The new Kobo Glo HD is the latest eReader, it’s 6″ screen is super clear and reads just like paper. There’s 4GB of storage which is a LOT of books. Up to 3K!

This is my first time with an e-reader and I really like it. I find it much easier to read on this device than phone or iPad due to the screen (Carta E Ink). You can also customize the light, font, and margins to personalize your experience.

Next week I’ve got a GIVEAWAY for a Kobo Glo HD so we can be twins. If you’re keen to get reading before I then, DL the Kobo app on any device (with this link) and get a $5 credit towards your first purchase.

Things I like most about my new Kobo:

  • – It’s SUPER light, nothing like carrying around a few novels 📚
  • – Fits in a small purse or the pocket of my trench coat
  • – Battery lasts ages
  • – You can read in the sun, no glare! ☀️
  • – The Kobo app has so many books and recommendations, all you need is wifi 📶

This weekend I started YOU by Carolyn Kepnes, the same author of Hidden Bodies I read earlier this year. It’s a real page turner, I’m on chapter 28 now. 🤓


Switch to eBills from Toronto Hydro, Get a Prize, and You Might Be Heading To The Rockies!

Switch to eBills from Toronto Hydro, Get a Prize, and You Might Be Heading To The Rockies!

If you’ve not switched to paperless bills from Toronto Hydro, here’s a good reason, aside from saving the environment and giving yourself a little less clutter each month. I dunno about you but we seem to have piles of paper that accumulate around the house, one less bill would be nice.


Right now, if you switch to paperless bills with Toronto Hydro you’ll get an EnviroCare package delivered and be entered for a chance to WIN a National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures tour for two to the Rocky Mountains, valued at $9,300. This trip includes flight, accommodation, and activities for 11 days! 

Switch to eBills before June 30, 2016 to be entered!
SIGN UP HERE ➡︎  torontohydro.com/signup

The thing I like best about this is getting rid of clutter. It boggles my mind how many things I accumulate each month week. I feel like I’m forever chucking things in the bin and an attempt to get rid of clutter.

For more info about switching or full prize details, visit torontohydro.com.

Three cheers for less clutter & saving the environment!


New Mattress Love – Endy, Made in Toronto

New Mattress Love – Endy, Made in Toronto

A couple weeks ago I sent a jokey tweet to Endy (a Canadian mattress company) asking them to be my friendy, cute right? I was hoping it would be the start of a beautiful friendship where we got a new mattress and then had better sleeps forever. The end. Well, that’s exactly what happened! Sean and I have been looking at getting a new mattress, after checking out Endy, he said ‘why don’t you tweet them’ and that’s how it all started. A couple days later I received an email from them and worked out a dealio.

Working with brands via social can be really fun. When I’m looking to get the attention of someone, I often reach out via tweet or slide into their DMs. Building relationships with brands or influencers is a lot easier if you keep an eye on what they’re up so, and start out with a compliment or nice message instead of asking for something right away.

Endy is manufactured in Toronto, compressed and rolled into an easy to move box, then delivered to your door (by bike if you’re downtown!).

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Mother’s Day Video & Giveaway w/ TELUS

Mother’s Day Video & Giveaway w/ TELUS

In this post I’ve got a super cute video Telus shot with a few of the #TeamTelus peeps and an awesome gadgets giveaway for your mum on Mother’s Day. It’s easy to enter, scroll for details! 💝

Mother’s Day is always a super special day for both my mum and I because I was born on Mother’s Day! What a great gift! haha. No, in all seriousness, I’m mum’s first born and there was some complications during my birth where she nearly died. Thank heavens we both made it, she’s the biggest inspiration in my life and I am so thankful for her. ILU MUM. 💖



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Chilean Girls Night In w/ Montes Wine

Chilean Girls Night In w/ Montes Wine

Last week my BFFs and I celebrated Jen’s birthday with a wine tasting thanks to Montes Wine.  Montes was founded  in 1987 and is the the pioneer producer of premium quality Chilean wines. Our night started with an informal tasting with a totally awesome sommelier, Lesley Prevost, followed by a delicious selection of Chilean catering.

We were treated to four of their premium wines you can now find at the LCBO:

We all really enjoyed the Sauv Blanc, it was light and fruity, with nodes of tropical fruits pineapple, grapefruit and orange blossom. I could deff see myself drinking this all summer. I think it would be really nice w/with some fruit/Perrier on ice.

I really enjoyed the Malbec/Cab Sav blend, it has 14% alcohol and low acid (good for me with acid reflux 😩 ). The other two reds pair really well with meat & cheese.

Look at those angelic faces, Montes Angels! img_1586.jpg

If you’re looking to try something new at the LCBO (and love Chilean wine), give Montes Wines a try. They’ve also got a carmenère at the LCBO I’d like to pair with a nice BBQ at the cottage. Spring, get here alreadyyyyy! 

Later this month I’ve got a giveaway with Montes Wine that’s open to anyone in Ontario. Will let you know when it’s live! 


1,776 Steps! Did The CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada

1,776 Steps! Did The CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do the CN Tower climb and this month the opportunity came to climb with CLIF Bar for WWF Canada. I asked April to join me and we conquered it in 23 minutes! That’s 144 official flights plus the few it takes to get to the first numbered stairs and then a couple extra flights to the glass floor lookout.

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Sweet April Showers Do Spring May flowers

Sweet April Showers Do Spring May flowers

Last weekend I spent heaps of time outside doing stuff and today my allergies kicked in. HELLOOOOO MONDAY! I also think I have glass in my foot. I feel like I’m on extended digital detox since Costa Rica. Today I return the Ford Edge, it’s been so great having my own car. Just love getting up and hitting the road! My goal this week is to spend heaps of time writing my blog.

I quite like Monday, it’s an opportunity to hustle hard, do your best work and take it a bit easier each day till the weekend.

Here’s to a great week! 


Title quote is a short poem, by  Thomas Tusser 

FYI Spring Sale @ Polette Eyewear – 25% off!

It’s spring and who doesn’t love new sunnies! The eyewear company in France I’ve been rocking for the past 2 years has a sale on rn for 25% off! Use code ‘Spring’ at the checkout, sale ends on April 26th. Writing a quick post from the cottage as I’ve been working my BOOTY off doing yard week etc around this place to get it ready for summer.  I’ve been taking time to relax since my Costa Rica trip, that digital detox was like hitting the reset button. I’m looking forward to a great week!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.19.01 PM

polette eyewear, france, casie stewart

I’ve been part of the Polette Blogger team for a bit now and amassed a massive collection. I love that they’ve got heaps of different styles, new ones all the time, and you can afford to pick up more than one pair.

I never leave home without my sunnies no matter time of day or season, but I also find I lose/break a few along the way. These are a few of my favs!

1-casie_yellowheart, love