what are you looking at over here there everywhere

Been crazy busy this week dudes. I love blogging and get all anxious when I don’t update. All is good. Magazine mini launch on Monday and Kelly Cutrone is coming to MTV. So excited, Gang of Bloggers coming and media too. Phone light keeps going off and driving me nuts, message waiting.

Wore a cute outfit today. Been dressing more fun and fashiony (than a cold day) now the weather has warmed. I’m judging a dress design contest for Peach Berserk coming up (scroll down) and a music contest thingy tonight (they said it’s Idol like?) . Need more time in the day. Stoked for the rain, I hope it rains all weekend and I stay home the whole time with my computer (Robert) my gadgets and Moovboots in case I need to go out. Like this video. Love her.

These are some recent thing that people have been searching to fin my bloggy-blog. Funny: “andrew lane” “liberty village” toronto. (somebody is looking for you!) andrew peek toronto friend. (yes friend) beauty pageants sashes in toronto for sale. (never selling mine) best sunshine girl ever toronto. (me) blackberry messenger gay. (so gay) casie stewart northbound skirt off. (happened) do people do greasy stuff on chatroulette. (yes) elsa bangz houseparty porn. Why not watch MORE toon porn at cartoonporno.xxx? ( haha Elsa you little NYC tramp!) where do all the ginos get their haricuts in toronto. (how do I know that?) sizzle beach nude pics. (maybe a nip slip?) sexy girls in wellies. (totally)

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