Wakestock Recap in Photos: Part 1

So it started. Four girls, one car, one weeknd. Go.

We arrived safe and sound. You saw the Cribs O’Nizzle did of where we were staying eh.

Went out the first night Sailor Hats were a hit. There were lineups at all the clubs so next time, go early.

Saturday rolled around and before we knew it, the party started.

It was so hot out.

I went to Uni in Australia with these punks – Prince left, Rye right. So nice to see them. My Zeugari suit was a hit.

OMG Prince!

We spent time cruising around the grounds. Heaps of pople enjoying the tunage. Back stage Allison helped us out with whatedcer we needed. Including driving us in the production vehicle.

We were up front and back stage like traditional media.

I loved seeing the fans screaming from front stage.

Back stage was a the place to be in order to avoid beer lines for sure.

Part 2 coming up including Flava Flav & night time party…

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