omg. i am totally going to be late for this bbq. sorry.

Don’t have long. Gotta run. Roof lunch beer BBQ at GCI Canada shortly and I don’t wanna be late. I wonder if they will have gift bags? They sent me VIP to the Barbie show for LGFW. I love Barbie. Do you know I hve all my Barbies at my condo right now. I would love to play with them. Maybe later.  A  gift bag was delivered to CTV for me but marked FORA, so they kept it. Naturally. Hope my PR girly sends a new one. I guess it was like a parting gift for the girls I used to work with. Ha! You’re welcome. Went for dinner with a babe to Joe Mama’s last night. Goat cheese, pistachio salad I love you. Must clean room today. Omg the days are flying by. I have some serious work to do post BBQ in the sun. Still winning the Virgin Provocateur votes but PLEASE tell you friends, I must win this thing. If you vote the others down Richard Branson will say cheeky things to you. How naughty! Vote here.

My friend Crystal designed this Social Media Monopoly and it was on Mashable yesterday. I shared it on FB and didn’t even see that it was HER, MY FRIEND. Iwas like OMG, getting on Mashable is a social media geek wet dream. CONGRATS GIRL, keep up the awesomeness. One day I will be on Mashable too! I’ve seen a couple peeps I know on there in the last year so I know it can be done.

Ok I am so late. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous
    August 11, 2010 / 5:38 pm

    oh em gee!
    Thanks for the love and support.
    Of course you will be on Mashable one day, you totes deserve it!
    Have a good time at your BBQ xo

  2. تعلم البوكر
    September 5, 2010 / 5:16 pm


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