it’s not me, it’s you

Look who’s in town! Makes me feel like doing some street art of my own. Stencil & spray can tonight anyone? Tee hee. I joke. No, I’m serious.  No I’m not. Yes I am. No, maybe.

I need a break from computer. Mum is so sweet she said getting me a sewing machine gives me a different outlet for my creativity other than blog/computer. I love her for that.  It’s true really, I’m gonna go crazy (crazier) if I don’t get off the damn computer a bit. Am I really saying this? Yes I am. I spend all day spewing content to the world through computer.  There’s more to life, here’s outside. and bike rides.  Good thing I can blog from my phone.

I’m really looking forward to Florida at the end of the month; 5 days, no work and all sunshine. Yessss!

spinning the sunshine

I was looking at what I posted around this time last year and saw this video,  same dress I’m wearing today.

Around this time last year was the crazy Tamil protest on the Gardener

I found love in a zombie tattoo

I finally got a helmet and Porter was in town from the islands

I played hopscotch on Queen Street

I wrote about our generation and why we’re not lazy

Posted on this exact day,  May the Forth be With You 2009

I was in cartoon motion, dreaming of being a cartoon.

I wore pants and a tuxedo shirt while biking to work.

I wrote a really long run on sentence and through about Andy Warhol.

I was closer to god (in a NIN animal kinda way)

I played with Charlie in Kensington Market, vintage close & second hand books.

I got my hair done before my birthday, suprisingly, I get my hair done today too 🙂

I love looking through old posts to remind myself of things and inspire me to keep creating new things. I’ve got a lunch date with the lovely Rayanne today and I’m really looking forward to it.


it’s more fun to see you smile

Welcome to a brand new day. What’s new? everything. Exciting times ahead in the world, in my world and probably yours too if you think about it. I’m getting a new tattoo tonight. I’m going to fashion week everyday for the rest of the week. It’s a short week! Testing out two new-ish social media tools for blog & work  SocialTalk and Keen Kong; one if for publishing and the other for engagement & listening. This stuff makes me happy. I could barely sleep last night. I’ve got heaps to do but I figure as long as I keep working hard everyday it will all get done. I always wanted to grow up and be the girl who works at MuchMusic and even works on evenings and weekends because she has an agent and her own business and cool friends who are smart and do the same kinda things and lives cool condo downtown Toronto by the water. This is my life and it’s got it’s ups and downs but I choose to make it as exciting as I possibly can. I hope you do too.

Damn rainy AGAIN today so I wore bright garden legs!  Kick kick that gloom right outta’ sight.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog. I love you.

TGIF: time for a little vaaaaaaaaaaacation

This has been a really busy week. Feeling more Gah Gah than GaGa. I’m usually busy, but  seriously, this week has me totally tuckered. Go-go-go non-stop. Everyday. Mama’s tired.

Quite looking forward to hibernating over the weekend. Writing, relaxing,  finishing up KC’s book. Feeling like it’s new sketchbook day.  Have these awesome neon pastels and whole new set of other colours that want me to play with them. I think it’s time.

Lisa posted this pic of her, Breanna and I in her post today. So cute! We went to get our dresses fitted all together late week. That in itself, was almost as fun as wearing them to the ball.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night. I’ve gotten heaps of positive feedback. Here’s a couple posts from Melissa, Romi and Sean. I made some vids and will get them up over the weekend. First, I need a break-ation from the interwebs and doing stuff. I’m exhauzzzzzzzzted.

I realized after my talk last night that I would have no problem filling up an hour, I barely got down to detail.   Really excited to plan the next event with Carly.

If you have questions or wanna chat consulting, email me casie at casiestewart dot com or contact Carly at Fairlie Agency. I’d be happy to help you or your brand.

That’s all for now.  Toodalooooooooo!!

Posted some hot shit on my Tumbr Blog OH CASIE. Enjoy 🙂

Happy Friday peeps!

Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. Andy Warhol

this is lady blogga

this is lady blogga