Andy’s Illustrated Story of Inspiration

Andy’s Illustrated Story of Inspiration


Andy Warhol, Selfie, 1979

Spent some time yesterday looking through this magical book I got a couple years ago called Andy Warhol Treasures: The Illustrated Story of Andy Warhol’s Life and Work. It’s an amazing anthology documenting his life with all kinds of artifacts, letters, report cards, photographs, stencils, and things that have been reproduced. I can’t remember the last time I looked thought and read all this stuff. It’s super inspiring!

Some Artifacts from the Book





Currently watching The Startup Kids doc on iTunes. If you’re in tech or an entrepreneur,  you’ll totally relate to the film. Finding it as a great source of inspiration to start the week. I also just watched the video blog of a symphony flash mob. Watch, love, share!

Hope the weekend has been good to you!



the world fascinates me

Good morning, good morning, and how are you today? Lots happening, busy week. New campaigns around the blog corner. Exciting times ahead at work. When is it going to get warmer, I miss biking. New episode of my show on Coral TV comes out today. Update on New York coming tomorrow.  Excited for the weekend. Friends birthday dinner tonight. Love is in the air. Smile on my face. Feeling good. Ready to take on the world!


Live each day to the funnest.






andy made a rain machine, i love the rain

I think it’s pretty most the time. Today was ok for walking, not too heavy, not soaking. Leather, headscarf, heels, a little wet but not much.

 “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.”

― Andy Warhol

You want vacation time? Go teach 3rd grade.

Welcome back to work everybody! How was your weekend, what did you do?


I danced a little like this.

Cruised Queen Street, rode bike, watched movies, got some sun, went to the Island, hung out at the beach, saw an air show, went to a concert, workeddined with friends.

Excellent Labour Day.

The best I can remember.

I’d love to get to a cottage soon.

Can I come stay at your cottage?


New boots.

Creeped the Jays game. We beat Boston.

The Labour Day Parade went from 9ish – 11ish on Queen Street. I love the bagpipes & steel drums. Heaps of orange with signs of Jack Layton everywhere. It was a a looooong parade.

Niche is an old fav for brekky (Queen/Bathurst). I hardly ever go out for breakfast anymore. I love getting up and working on Saturday mornings.

I’m not upset about the change in season, I love Fall fashion!! I hate when people complain about the weather. TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING. Have you nothing better?

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s gonna change and be unpredictable. Embrace the fact you can read this from a computer at your office or house and smile. Pretty please 🙂

Today kicks off the busiest time of the year for me. Four months till New Year and heaps to get accomplished. Set yourself a goal or two today.  Time flies and if you don’t write them down, you’ll forget them. There’s so many things in one day, it’s near impossible to remember them all. Having a blog helps.

Have a great day,

Gladstone Tweetgasm August 2011: Brock + Sockhop

This month’s Tweetgams was Monday night The Gladstone  hosted by the lovely Brock McLaughlin. Doesn’t he look like James Dean. Swoon.

Tweetgasm is fun. I’m going to host one in October. Stay tuned for that.

Boogie down baby. I went for 60’s Twiggy mod.

Auditioned for a ghosty show today with Lauren O’Nizzle. It was fun. I hope they pick us.

There were some nice outfits. I’m going to have a theme for my Tweetgasm too. Idea submissions encouraged.