warhol’s portrait of gretzky, pretty fuckin’ sexy

During Toronto Film Fest last month I saw Hawksley Workman at the Festival Music House perform this tune from his new album and I love it. Been listening over and over.

I’m feeling a little better today. If you’re feeling sick too, as I hear heaps of peeps are, try this Thyme Bath (instructions  in this post). It seriously works like a CHARM! I went to bed early last night and slept till 1pm today. I reckon I’m more tired from a whirlwind September than actually sicky-sick. Fingers crossed for speedy recovery.

Quite missing Mum, we used to talk every day and now that she’s on her sailing adventure, we hardly talk anymore. Mum when you read this CALL ME. I LOVE YOU. Might go home to see Dad this weekend depending on how I’m feeling. I usually have a pretty fast bounce back from sickness. If I don’t get better soon I’ll be pretty annoyed + pissed off.

Ok, that’s all for now. Time for more soup 🙂

leaving on a jet plane

Good morning.

Had a FREAKOUT this morning. No not because of my adventure but because my  blog was hacked. Don’t do that. Seriously. Who the fuck hacks a sunshine-rainbow-fantasty-glitter blog like mine? Looooooooosers. Panic at my disco when I got the notification. Seriously. First thought, shit, I leave for NZFW today what the hell imma do? Please don’t hack things, it’s not nice.

Bad actions/vibes you put into the universe have a magnetic particles and like attracts like and they will all come back to you. Be careful.

Heaps of clothes. Thanks to Canadian designers Paris Li, Andy Hall and Nella Bella for outfitting me with style. Thanks to Telus for my phone + keeping me connected. Thanks Betty Kiss for the massive suitcase &  reversible clutches.  I packed shoes galore, Doc’s, cowboys, wellies and five other pairs. It’s fashion week followed by chill time with the fams, totes necesary. My two suit cases aren’t stuffed though, need to leave room to bring home lotsa goodies & prezzies. Taking some Tim’s coffee for a cute little blogger named Hannah in NZ.

Carry on bag is from Nella Bella, the red reno suede. It’s lovely! I always bring my sketchbook on the plane. I get inspired watching people, looking at the flight path, reading listening to music, flying in general really. Crispers S&V are my fav snack (just saw on sale at Shoppers for $0.99, go stock up on my christmas present!). I can plow through a bag of them easy. SO crunchy.

New Wired mag arrived yesterday just in time. Might actually read it sice I’m travelling. I’ve been getting it for two years and each month I browse when it arrives then leave it sitting there to rot, spine uncracked. Packed Kabbalah meditation cards, the 72 names of God, good for focus. When I get anxiety I like to pull one out, focus on the name and it helps me calm down. Must get rescue remedy.

Listening to this song right now. Check out Morgan & Birds of Wales. He’s McDreamy, expecially at the start of the video when he looks into your eyes. Met his new puppy yesterday, pretty much die for cute.

If you find one of my cards around, I would like to give you a prize. I dunno what yet. Maybe I will write you a note and send it in the mail. That would be kinda fun eh?

Gadgets galore. Missing from this pile is the Barbie cam. She’s tucked in my suitcase. I reckon she might be fun to have on the plane though. Hmm, then I can travel with a friend. Haha.

Peach out Toronto. I love you. I love all of you xo

tiff day four: yesterday was fun, sh*t show, glitz show


I don’t have much time to tell you about the bundles of fun I had yesterday. Film fest is really crazy awesome. Team Australia last night was HILAR. Tell you about that when I take a breather hopefully later betweek parties/films. Have not taken many photos as it’s totally not kosher to take pix when everyone is famous (unless you are doing something retarted or crazy).

Team Australia. ILU.

Steve Nash house party location was amazing. Only pic I took of scenery. Andy Warhol-ish Toronto artist hot shot amazing guy.

P. Seymor Hoffman & cast on stage at Q&A post screening.

I’m heading to a shopping date with Rayanne for NZFW clothes right now. Trying on stuff at Marks Work Wearhouse, crazy eh? I betcha I will find some things to style up. Getting Greta Constantine to wear in NZ this week too. Have a meeting about my brand/possible show after that. I’m stoked and still thinking ‘omg this is my life’. Gah. Talk soon. I love you internet. We work well together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m late AGAIN from blogging. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Exhausted & excited, Casie xo

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. – Andy Warhol

Worked on some of your requests for additions to the Unnecessary Wheels Collection this week. I love making things. It’s a lovely break from the internet to draw and a whole different joy sharing online after. Still thinking about that art show.

We have a crabby apple:

A purple mushroom with handlebars (in progress):

A djembe drum:

Making some shirts for Blonde Jovi aka the Bloundetourage aka Blondovision aka my friends that are blonde who blog.  Shirts, stencils, spray paint, acrylic paint. One day I’ll have a factory like Andy Warhol, it will be my factory and I will make more more things than ever before.

At my factory, a river runs through it, it’s a creative stream.

Ok bye…………..ART ATTACK TIME!!!!!!!!


I’m not sure what is going on today. It’s like I feel still positive but I’m having of of those ‘everything is pissing’ me off days and that is pissing me off. I really wanna get home to my computer and work on stuff. I’m super busy at work, like so busy that I’m always playing catch up and that dives me mental. I need to breathe to be creative. I’ve got a situation you could say.

Had a lovely lunch meeting today about a potential project. It was the perfect thing to break up my day.  I wore my red Moovboots today and my feet are really happy. There are police everywhere at home which means there’s likely no chance of getting and w33d delivered in the next week which also makes me angry. It’s days like these when I cruise home and relax while I watch TV. I

got the new Wired mag last night which is pretty awesome except I hardly ever read magazines anymore. I wish I had an ipad. Wow, who am I? Negative Nancy? I need to stop this. Once today is over and I leave the office I promise myself to be all smiles. I

‘m walking over to the postie to pick up a package that [fingers crossed] is a new camera. One of my loving friends sent one which is ironic because it’s his birthday and I’m getting something. I really wish I had send him a mail, fuck. Where is my head at? I realise that working everyday in a row without any breaks gives me a short fuse. I feel like I have been sitting in my desk since last Tuesday.  I have. You know how much I love my job but doing that will make anyone grumps.

I’d like to hibernate and that’s exactly what I am going to go this weekend for G20. I’m going to ask about working from home on Thursday and Friday. Gun shots were fired near my place last and this morning there were twice as many police on the ground.  My job is not worth risking my life thankyouverymuch.

Time for my show. The Young and the Restless is like my freaking chill pill.  I could use a dose of Billy Abbot or JT or even Kane Ashby. For your information, Team posi will be back later, until then, this Nancy has more work to do.

i’m sew in love with you zoe

I’m heading to MTV for The Hills to meet a bunch of peeps. Threaded the needles and had my first sew tonight.  It feel so good to sew again. I used to make stuff all the time, since I was little. Sometimes I made clothes for Jenie. I had a business in grade 6 where I made & sold gym bags with drawstring. They mde a rule it was manditory to have a gym bag and I saw an opportunity there. Might of even been grade 5 in Mrs Rolts class. Mum, can you verify that?

I’ve named by sewing maching Zoey, Zoey Ng. Now I made things and I call it zoeyng.  I am so happy. I don’t even care if it rains for days because I can stay inside making sun dresses and beautiful things so that when it is sunny, we can look stylish. I’m in love and I haven’t even made anything yet.