closer to god

The day begins to come to an end and I find my mind wandering, wondering. I listen to CBC Classical online. I feel relaxed and look forward to riding home and the breeze in my hair. I’m picking up my Edie Sedgwick dress from Peach Beserk this evening. Made to order and tailored to fit. I always liked Andy Warhol, as long as I can remember. I was walking through this outdoor mallway over the weekend, I think it’s beautiful.Listening to this music I feel inspired to write, to read more Ogden Nash and to create things that never existed before. My coffee is warm and so is the air around me. It’s comforting and leaves me feeling safe. My shoulders are bare and the light is barely coming through the clouds. I really love the movie Closer, there is something so real about the relationships between the characters and their melancholy love tales. Natalie, Clive, Jude and Julia, good kids. I feel it in my legs, the biking from yesterday. Tomorrow there is a Billabong sample sale at 67 Mowat Avenue. Two weeks ago I wished they would have one so I could get a new bathing suit for my birthday, then I got an email a couple days later. Thank you universe, you listen to my thoughts and you bring me closer.

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