Summer I Miss You, My Love.

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I can’t stop thinking about summer. I need to get my a$$ to hot yoga or something. I’m not sure WHAT it is but I’ve been feeling so blarghhhh the last few days. Spent a few hours getting pampered on the weekend followed by a day of relaxation w/ my one true love then BAM I was sick on Monday. Gimme a break!

Thinking Sean and I might hop over to Jamaica or somewhere hot next month. I’m dying to feel the sun on my face and salty ocean water on my skin. My few days off work last week were nice but I was still so connected to the Internet (and work) that it wasn’t really much of a break. You know what I mean? I feel like I need a ‘real vacation’ a digital detox.

In other news, Valentines Day is coming up and we’ve not really got anything planned. I’d like to have a nice dinner and get a good sleep. I’m old now, lol. Last year I was surprised with a bracelet from Tiffany’s and he made me bacon hearts. It was perfect.

I have a few giveaways for things for you coming up over the next few days. Urgh, just saw we are getting more snow tonight. ENOUGH ALREADY, ENOUGH! Looks like I’ll be hibernating all week AGAIN!

With love, CASIE <3



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