so what i’m crazy, that leaves me with all the freedom

“People will laugh at you because you’re different. You will laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

This quote came in a Twitter post by an experienced blogger I follow on Twitter named John Chow. People have always said “You’re crazy” or as I dance by myself in the middle of the dance floor with my arms over my head “That’s Casie, she’s crazy“.
For a while I thought, “Oh no, they think I’m crazy” but that was followed by thinking, “no, you are just different and they are all the same.” (Yes, I have had this conversation with myself more than once.) I would rather be seen as crazy, than ordinary any day.
As soon as someone says you are crazy, they really give you the power and freedom of expression to do whatever you want. You can transcend all boundaries of what people consider normal because they already know you’re ‘out there’.
This motivates me.

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