you never know until you try

It is safe to say that I am currently having the time of my life. After spending the day with Carly at the Agency I flew to The Pilot to meet Miranda & David. We had a blast. The rain came in wee spirts and I managed to keep dry yet very hydrated.

I also touched iphone 4 for the first time. Feels so delicate. The boy behind me is Jean Luc from Kijiji. The Pilot is an interesting place. Everytime I go there I meet the most interesting peeps. I was hanging out with Ebay, PayPal and one of the SAW writers Leigh Wannell .

Today I have an audition for a commercial as a ‘Kiwi girl’ and a patio meeting about 4ish. Later  on I’m attending a screening with of Dinner for Schmucks with Michael before Loser Karaoke.

Sunday I’m on the very first episode of the Social Media Show (SMS) podcast with Karam Kanji the Community Manager for TechVibes. I will keep you updated, show is at 3pm.

Have an AWESOME day. Go do something great, this is the only July 29th 2010 that will ever exist, make it memorable. I’m up early to make heaps of awesome.

Blog ya later 😉


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