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rockstar hotel – spoke club #junos

Was at the lovely Spoke Club last night for a super fun Juno party. Olympus XZ is a great party cam. Loved seeing my MuchMTV family & all the other friends. Good people, great time.

Ashley & Kingsley lovely beauties from MuchMTV.

You may recognize this guy from CBC Q, The City or about a zillion other things.

Can someone remind me of this guys name? I have a terrible memory.

Remember Ryan? He was my intern at MuchMTV last year. He’s at Universal now, way to go bro. You’re awesome.

The ever so lovely & beautiful Shera Bechard, Playboy’s Miss November 2010 and star of the film Sweet Karma.

The one & only George Sully. Add him on FB here, he’s doing some cool stuff with his brands and I just might be showing up on the pages of his magazine TCHAD in the near future.

Tash & I used to be good friends. It’s probably been about three years since I saw her. She’s married now, congrats sista. Make sure you call me about your new job btw 😉

So proud of Mike aka Mike’s Bloggity. He’s now the producer for BT in Calgary and a rad blogger. We hung at MMVAs last year for the first time but were friend on the internet way before that.

Brad just left MuchMTV to join Vuse. Totally rad dude. he said I was one of his fav peeps to follow on Twitter, me & SNP. We’re total opposites me & her. Toronto is gonna miss you BSSchwarts.

Last night at the Juno’s, he was this close to big winners Arcade Fire.

Jesse, what’s not to love about this stud. He’s got a new rad show on Much too.

There were a few bands playing downstairs. Morgan, did you play? You gave me your CD and I can’t seem to find it. I think some girls took it when they saw it was you.

Eye spy Sidewalk Hustle

These two jems are Christine & Julie from Seven Dollar Pants and adorable bloggy blog with afforadable fashion & style.

Hey these sweet thang…

Photo bomb #1. I think he snowboards? Can anyone confirm.

Photo bomb #2, haha.

Still lookin’ good ladies. I still have Morgan’s CD too. Hmm.

Billy is my friend from back home in Cambridge, nice to see ya babe!

When I was in Dallas w/ Virgin America for the launch in Declast year I hung out with LMFAO at the Opera House. That was the night I met Richard Brandson & Willie Nelson. These guys are a riot. Really fun & funny.



  1. March 26, 2011 / 9:03 pm

    So you can use Morgan Cameron’s CD for more than just listening too?! NICE! 😛

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