Party in the #FHQ! Congrats Faulhaber on the Office Expansion!

Party in the #FHQ! Congrats Faulhaber on the Office Expansion!

Last night was a busy one! I went to four events before 9pm and made it home in time to watch a movie and get to bed at a decent hour. I’ve really matured over the years, eh? Pictured above one of my fav bloggers Jay Strut on the #FHQ couch at Faulhaber’s event. They just did a MASSIVE expansion of the office which now includes a showroom.  The team brought together a stellar group of people and so many familiar faces filled with hugs and love.

PR often is so behind the scenes to make  magic happen. I’ve been working with the WONDERFUL team there for some time now. You might not know it was them but they are behind all my stuff with Ted Baker, essence cosmetics (Bieber in NYC!), Thomas Sabo (the UK trip!), Dermologica,  and a few more things here and there.

I’m lucky to work with such a wonderful team. Keep up the great work ladies, I love ya! Check out and follow them on Twitter at @FaulhaberComm.



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