Travel | Ontario Winter Vacation at Blue Mountain Ski Resort


I’ve spent the last 24 hours in our little chalet tucked away in the woods. Later this afternoon we checkin to our next destination, The Westin at Blue. Looking forward to skating on the pond later and swimming the heated outdoor pool. I love vacation! It’s been ages since I had a nice relaxing Ontario winter vacation.

Winter vacations aren’t for everyone and I know a lot of people who would rather sunbathe on a nice hot beach but there’s something so peaceful about relaxing in a white winter wonderland. Different people love a nice snowy holiday for different reasons too. Some love to take their all mountain ski and bomb down a slope, others (like me) like to have a relaxing holiday of chilling in heated pools and hot chocolate, and others use the cold as an excuse to drink lots because it will “keep me warm!”

Although, it doesn’t matter what your reason for the holiday is, as long as you have fun!


We woke up to a whole bunch of fresh show. It’s quite cold and windy. Perfect weather to hibernate and enjoy the scenery. The only sound out here is my boots crunching in the snow with each step.





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