Media Dinner at Church Aperitivo Bar

I wasn’t sure what Italiam sashimi was but I love Italian food so I was in. The meal at Church was excellent and I tried a few things I’d never had before.  My notes are not nearly as neat near the end as I’m sure I drank a bottle of wine to myself.

Italian sashimi is cut thinner than traditional sashimi and comes served with toppings. I appreciated this because although I enjoy eating raw fish, sometimes it’s cut too thick at Japanese places and I struggle to get it down my throat then spit it out in a napkin. I know that’s gross but it’s true ok! I can’t be alone here?

I felt pretty great because they had a section ready and a personalized menu. Thanks guys!

After sashimi came a large selection of samples from the regular menu. I was stuffed. Everything was so good. My six favourites are below and listed L-R.

  • Gnocco Fritto w/ proscuitto di Parma & Stracchino cheese topped with truffle oil
  • Homemade Gnocci w/ tomato sauce, burrata cheese and pesto
  • Veal 7 pork meatballs in home made tomato sauce
  • Sesame seed crusted yellowfin Tuna from USA w/ caremelized onions, cherry tomatoes, balsamic
  • New Zealand lamb chops grilled w peperonata
  • Rib eye sliders, caremelized onions, gorgonzola & fontina cheese, tomato, homemade fries

Dessert was to die for. Meet Millefoglie, melts in your mouth.

Church Aperitivo Bar is located Queen West at Dovercourt. They are open all week and have free aperitivo hour Tuesday-Sunday from 5-7pm. There’s also a killer drink list. Visit to make a reso or check the menu.


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