Make Your Skin Glow w/ Dermalogica’s Little Grey Pass


For the past few months I’ve been visiting spas around the city that use Dermalogica’s professional line of products and getting facials with their Little Grey Pass program. I was invited to be an ambassador for Dermalogica and to share my experience with you.

My first Dermalogica facial was in the middle of winter (March) and my skin was so dry and dull. Since then, I’ve switched to a heavier moisturizer and added vitamins & toner to my routine. A few of my fav items below!


Dermalogica’s Little Grey pass is a great way to treat yourself and improve your skin. My skin has really improved, it’s more radiant and I find myself wearing less makeup.

How to Get on the Little Grey Pass train:

  1. Register at (open to Toronto + Vancouver)
  2. Call a Little Grey Skincare Centre listed on your pass (once you get it of course!)
  3. Visit spa & purchase a 60 min spa facial
  4. Get  stamps & receive products like a full size Pre-Cleanse (love this product!) The more stamps, the more goodies for you!
  5. Share your experience on social by tagging @dermalogicaCDN + #LittleGreyPass.
  6. Have great skin! (The most important part!)

Planning my next facial post-TIFF. All the events, films, and parties take a lot of energy and a toll on your skin. I might need a massage and few days at the cottage too! For more info visit




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