Got Your Halloween Face On? Wash It Off with This!

Got Your Halloween Face On? Wash It Off with This!

Fake blood, cheap spray on hair colour (I’m wearing purple today), copious amounts of dark eyeshadow…whatever you might be putting on your face, you wanna make sure you’re lookin’ fresh tomorrow without remnants of gunk on your hair or skin. I’ve been using Dermologica products for a while now and shared a few favs the other week (here).

I highly recommend picking up  Dermologica Precleanse to get yourself ready for a new month tomorrow. It’s gentle on your skin, hydrating, and really gets the gunk out. I’ve had blood, liquid latex, dark black makeup, sparkles, and more on me this month and nothing is as lovely on your skin as this. Pick up some at Shoppers or your fav drug store or visit for future reference.

Halloween Face? No Problemo!

  1. Red hairspray, glitter gel, Dracula hair paste? Apply to dry hair, emulsify, rinse and shampoo.
  2. False lashes? Precleanse is excellent for removing lash glue.
  3. Precleanse removes stick-on tattoos. 
  4. Eyeliner or dark circles, no problem!
  5. White paste all over your face (or your children’s) – don’t go to bed looking like a ghost!
  6. Fake Blood? A few drops will do the trick. 

Walked past a kids costume parade at lunch in my giraffe costume and it was so awesome. We wished each other HAPPY HALLOWEEN with smiles and waves. Super cute! 


Painted the EmBot like a fairy princess. Can’t WAIT to trick or treating tonight. So cute.


Best costume of the day!


Scary Sury!


Last night’s makeup!


These guys (girls?) are gonna need some help getting that gunk off.



Some tunes for tonight that aren’t super cheeeeezy old halloween jamz. Enjoy!

Please be safe out there if going trick or treating or partying. You never know what golbins & ghouls you’ll run into!