it’s been an awful good year, santa baby

2010 has been the most awesome year yet. I’ve always held 2004, my year in Australia as the best year but now I’m ready for 2011. I’m looking forward to working with more great people, sharing more things with you and giving back.

Yesterday I was named one of the Women’s Post’s Top 8 Web Savy Women of 2010. Here’s what the lovely Erin Bury wrote about me:

Casie is one of Canada’s most well known online personalities, and a true force to be reckoned with. Whether it was helping to build MuchMusic’s online brand; winning the coveted title of Toronto’s Virgin America Provocateur; or creating unique and entertaining content on her blog; Casie has spent 2010 building her online portfolio, all with her signature spunk and sense of humour. Warning: don’t start reading her blog if you have a lot to do – it’s seriously addictive.

Thank you Erin. Check out all the other lovely ladies right here.

In other news, Eye Weekly posted this today:

Local writers, bloggers, chefs, filmmakers, dancers and several Toronto Raptors tell EYE WEEKLY’s Kate Carraway what’s on their holiday wish-list this year:

Casie Stewart, blogger: On my list is XBOX with Kinect. I wanna master the dancing game and have a dance off! Sanasaaaaaa!

Bondetourage @ Electric Christmas on Monday: Lauren, Me, Raymi

Heading home to see Dad for the holidays. Really looking forward to his jokes and spending some time time in Cambridge with old friends. (Yo, message me if you are around peeps!)

BTW, have you seen Mariah Carely lately? WHOA HUGEEEE. Remember when she used to look like this?

Happy Holidays 🙂

P.S. If you are downtown tonight come see Prince Perry @ Bovine.

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