Internet, TV, Fried Chicken, Fur Coat – Just a Regular Day!

Internet, TV, Fried Chicken, Fur Coat – Just a Regular Day!

Left the house today all like WHAAAAAAAAAAT IS THIS COLDDDDD? Grabbed a fur from the closet and shut the door. Can’t even believe it snowed yesterday.

One of the only good things about winter is you can throw on a huge jacket like this (from LeChateau) with a pair of sunnies (YSL/Smart Buy Glasses) and you look like a cool old granny. The rings help! They’re part of that haul from the Shop for Jayu SS15 look book shoot.

Today I was interviewed for tonight’s Global National news about YouTube’s 10th birthday. I didn’t really know that YouTube and my blog are the same age.  THREE CHEERS FOR INTERNET OGs.

Mike Drolet and I chatted about how YouTube has changed the world, jobs, trolls, and more. Tune in tonight at 6:30pm for the full interview. I’ll post a link to it here tomorrow once it’s live.

I rung mum to tell her I was gonna be on TV and said, “that’s why I always have my nails done, never know when tv will be calling!”. Ha. I kill me.  I would like to do more tv. I love the lights and being on camera.

When I was done I came downstairs and Sean and the 1188 boys had picked up lunch from The Chickery (David Adjey’s place).  IT WAS SO GOOD. I didn’t fill up in the mac n’ cheese but it was good too.

That’s all for now. From the Internet to the TV tonight! Hopefully I look ok now that I’ve told y’all I’ll be on there. Ha! If I have lipstick on my teeth I will just die.


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  1. Erica
    April 27, 2015 / 4:27 pm

    Lol I love the Vine about the cold weather 🙂 Creative.

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