Hi from Palmerston North, aka Palmy!

Well my friends! It’s been almost 10 days since I’ve been away and it feels like forever! I had a nice time over the weekend at Coromandel with my family and the weather was beautiful. We had fresh fish everyday and I took as much time to read at the beach as possible. It’s lovely here but I can’t help but miss home, I miss everyone, my bf, my house, and even the snow. I’m grateful but it’s been a bit hard.

I’m in Pamerston North now which is about 6 hours south from Auckland in the North Island. The air is warm and the air here smells fresh and clean. I love the smell of new Zealand. Yesterday I met some of my cousins for the first time and we shared laughs and stories at a cafe called Baristas.

We’re staying with a friend of mum’s, like a sister, and she is so incredibly lovely. An artist who is all about positive energy with a garden full of monarch butterflies, apple & lemon trees, grape vines, and green grass. She also has 5G wifi and I’ve got my own room, so, about as good as it gets!

Travelling with a parent is kinda stressful and if you have any tips please share. Stayed at a great Airbnb at Lake Taupo yesterday and then drove to our next destination Palmerston North. We visited my nana yesterday, mum’s mum, who isn’t doing that great and tbh don’t think will be around much longer. I’m glad I was able to bring mum to see her but just the weight of it all is heavy. I’ve cried a lot the last two days.

Beautiful New Zealand, it looks like this almost everywhere once you leave the city/town.

It’s kind of weird being here because a lot of it is familiar from my previous trips but so much is different. I’m taking it one day at a time but knowing in the back of my mind that nana could go at any minute is hard to ignore. This afternoon we’re planning to go to the beach if the rain holds up. I’m sitting outside at a cafe drinking a flat white and using wifi outside. I found a yoga studio and am planning to pop by for a class in about an hour.


Sending sunshine from New Zealand!
I’ll be home in 11 days!

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  1. January 2, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    Now I too want to visit New Zealand.. Adding that to my bucket list

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