first boat ride of the summer!

Well helloooooooooooo dah’ling, welcome.

This is the boat I went on, Capt. Matthew Flinders.

He’s Australian & kinda special.

Captain Matthew Flinders RN (16 March 1774 – 19 July 1814) was one of the most successful navigators and cartographers of his age. In a career that spanned just over twenty years, he sailed with Captain William Bligh, circumnavigated Australia and encouraged the use of that name for the continent, which had previously been known as New Holland. [wiki]

I’M KING QUEEN OF THE WORLD CITY. I kid I kid, this will never stop being funny to me. I don’t even give a care what you think about it either.

Ahoy, matey!

Eat her dress, do it. So pretty in the sunshine she was.

Who thinks we should have a party here? Say ‘ai ai’ & raise yo hand.


Mariposa Cruises went all out for this mixer. Loved it.

Didn’t have any of these.

This yes.

And a whole lotta this.

Then we met Mysterion.

I wrote down a word on this paper and he had his eyes closed then HE GUESSED IT. I know, awesome & Casie go together but he didn’t even KNOW ME.

Then we had round two and I drew cherries, folded it up and put it in his hand and HE DREW THE SAME THING. Fahhhh, this guy is good man.

Keri drew a server and he drew a set of drawers (obvs he didn’t think of server) but STILL. Holy kaw.

Our city is so beautiful. View from the water/island is dreamy.

Mr. Mariposa, Jason Lambert. New BFF! HI JASON!

Hey Bloggeratti!

Social(ites). Few beers deep by this time.

Then I are some meat. With my hands. BARBARIAN.

You bet your ass I filled my purse w/ candy. Jason encouraged me, he didn’t know any better.

Thank you Mariposa Cruises for the invite. We had a blast.

This is the mind twisted fork.

Ok, to be honest, mighta had a little tooooo much fun 😉

All class none the less.


These are for you Mum. Gonna go raid your garden when I go home next weekend and pick flowers for everyone. Love you!!!!

Have an awesome day!


  1. May 23, 2011 / 9:49 am

    Happy to know that you had so
    much fun travelling on water! Oh, that mind reading thing always fascinates me.
    It’s amazing how they can catch what’s on your mind even by just seeing your
    aura. And I miss chewing that cry baby, even the sight of it makes my mouth
    waters as if it could taste the sourly flavor of it.

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