he screwed this fork in her hand with his mind. srsly.

Hope you enjoy my audio on this 😉 Happy Friday!

I heard that he has always had this ability, like since he was a kid. I dunno, this kinda magic freaks me out but I think it’s cool. I’m way more into magic that tarot cards or fortune tellers. You will NOT see me attending any of those sessions.  I had an astrology reading at Kabbalah from Tamar this lovely lady from Israel once, it was expensive & informative. That was enough for me. I know my destiny & where I’m going. I know what I gotta focus on to get there too.

Magic man is Mysterion the Mindreader. He must be cool, we have like 70+ common friends on FB. haha! I tried to trick him into reading my mind over Facebook. It wasn’t successful.

Moohaha, you can’t read my mind through the Internet Mysterion!!

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