Day 5: Routine

Today we started the day with a trip to town to pick up our Click & Collect groceries. It was the first time we’ve ordered them like that and it was quite convenient. They had to substitute a few items for smaller quantities (ex. 3 avocados instead of a bag) but it wasn’t an issue. I forgot a couple of things so had to run inside, making sure to distance myself and leave the aisle if I saw an older person coming close. We all have to do our best and we’re living under the notion that we could all be carrying this virus. I also ran into the LCBO, I have cut down on drinking over the past year but honestly, it’s challenging times so I want to have a few things on hand.

I had a FaceTime with Talia & Nelson who are also up at their cottage. She took me for a walk in the woods, I gave them a tour of the cottage, and we watched Nelson hit some targets.

I did a workout from Fit Factory TO in the kitchen and then we made salad & cannelloni for lunch.

I watched Miley Cyrus hang out with Cameron & Lauren from Love Is Blind and there are so many people going Live right now, there is lots to watch.

We got our cottage WIFI properly active as there was a delay from Bell because they have limited staff on hand. I am able to login to our account and watch our home cable on the iPad. Sean also got the hot water working so I finally had a nice shower. I needed one after all my workouts lol.

Sean and I went for a walk on the lake which I thought would be romantic but tbh it’s very slippery and I’m quite terrified of being on the ice. It’s safe and the ice is about 2 feet thick but I just can’t seem to shake the fear of it cracking and me falling through. So, for now, I will stay close to home.

We cooked a nice dinner together in the kitchen while watching Wheel & Jeopardy, just like home. I guess we’re kind of getting into a routine that’s a mix of exercise, working, and filling the day with walks & phone calls.

Hope you are doing ok & we will get through this. ?