Day 10: Stay Home Club

Monday! I always loved Monday because it’s the start of a new week and you never know what can happen. Today though, I know what will happen and the unknown is kinda scary. I am trying not to think about everything too deeply but it’s hard.

I got back on the workouts this morning and it made me feel better. I love the IG Live workouts but at the same time, it’s a bit overwhelming to see what everyone is doing and how hard they’re working. I’m really trying not to eat all the snacks. I’ve been sticking to intermittent fasting but the night is hard, the anxiety kicks in and I want to grab the chips.

Fresh air is nice.

I got out the art supplies and painted a couple of pieces of paper. I’ve been saving onion skins to use as a fabric dye. I have a pile of recycling for making an indoor garden. We’ve been very conscious of waste as we don’t have pickup, I’m not sure what we’re going to do about garbage & recycling yet.

I made a curry but we are getting a bit low on supplies. We need to get groceries sometime soon. This is a helpful tip if your house is feeling dry, feel free to add something to the water to make it smell nice ex. citrus, vanilla, cloves & cinnamon, essential oil (not all at once!).

Some of my activities today included a Mexican inspired breakfast scramble, National Ballet on IG Live, multiple pushup challenges, a DJ set by Kardinal w/ workout (15min), making energy balls, making toasted coconut macaroons, a chickpea curry in the Instant Pot, and watching the entire first season of ‘Feel Good’ on Netflix.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?