Day 203: I Want to Go To Paris Too

Today when I was running I paused my Nike Running app and it didn’t record my whole run. I hate it when this happens! I am really interested in getting an Apple watch so I don’t need to take my phone on runs. I did 5km thinking I had a challenge for the day but lucky for me, it’s actually tomorrow.

Made a delicious soup today with curry, carrot, and sweet potato. Once it starts getting a bit cooler I love using our Instant Pot to make soup. I rarely follow a recipe and usually use what we have around in the kitchen. This one turned out SO GOOD. I added jalapeno & goat cheese to serve.

Sean and I started watching an Italian horror movie on Netflix in the afternoon. He fell asleep and I switched to Emily in Paris. Safe to say, he was a little confused when he woke up haha. We managed to get through 9/10 episodes. It’s pretty cheese but tbh, it was just what I was looking for.

Day 202: City to Country

Had a great meeting in the morning and then picked up some groceries from Pusateri’s for the weekend. I am so in love with this jumpsuit from Zara Kids. I saw it on a friend’s daughter for the first day of school then ordered it for myself! haha

Sean and I left for the cottage around 2 and got there just after 4pm. We were gonna go to the 400 Market but it’s not open on Friday anymore. Another time!

I was so happy to be back in the woods for a relaxing weekend. Hoping to run 10km this weekend. I really like running in Muskoka more than in the city, less people!

Day 201: Dinner Date – Kibo Secret Garden

I had an incredible dinner at Kibo’s Sushi’s newest location, Kibo Secret Garden, an intimate, high-end omakase and sushi house in Yorkville. They have 23 locations in the GTA! Kibo Market in the Junction Triangle (near our place) is definitely a local favourite.

I was excited to hang out with Natalie and attend my first dinner event in a LONG TIME. We wore masks and were socially distanced from other diners & staff. We sat at the omakase bar and had a great view of the dinner served by Chef Jin, with barriers between us and other guests.

Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning ‘I leave it up to you’ that describes the traditional Japanese dining style where the culinary experience is left in the hands of the chef. We also enjoyed their selection of Japanese sake and beer. ?

Dinner Details

The menu highlights the highest-quality fish, seafood, and premium-grade meats. Bo Seo, CEO & Founder, takes pride in only serving fish within 24 hours of its catch.

We had the 20-course dinner omakase, starting with Kobacka Soup (sweet pumpkin & rice), Hirame nigiri (Japan), Kurodai (black seabream, Turkey), Kanpachi Nigiri (Japan), Madai Nigiri (red snapper, Japan).

Next, we had a round of sashimi with king salmon, fluke, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, mackerel, and amberjack. Honestly, it was so good.

Other items on our menu included bluefin tuna belly, ika (squid), oyster, Wagyu Beef, lobster, prawn, black cod, and sea eel from Japan. I haven’t had much sushi the past few months and everything was an absolute treat. The presentation was also incredible. I reckon it was the fanciest sushi dinner I’ve ever had.

Everything from the location to the design, to the menu has been thoughtfully chosen to create a luxury sushi dining experience. I can’t wait to welcome people in!” 

Simeon Papailias, Kibo Secret Garden co-founder & commercial broker

Thank you Kibo Sushi House team for hosting and sending us off with a cute mask and a few goodies. I look forward to bringing Sean next time, he was a little bummed to miss it!

Kibo Secret Garden is officially open to the public at 154 Cumberland St (upper level). Reservations can be made online, by phone at 416-519-4580, or by email at

Thanks to Stelth Ng (Triple Pointe Media) for the photos!

Day 200: Pandemic 2020

Wow, 200 days, here we are. What a time to be alive.

I met up with Blair for coffee and we both wore our jumpsuits from Zara Kids. We sat outside, distanced on Jimmy’s patio and it was cute to see how people smiled at our outfits. Gotta appreciate the small joys these days!

I came back home after our date to make a 1pm meeting. I don’t know exactly if it was the news, the weather, or just life, but I felt totally tired in the afternoon.

Sean and I finished Ratched on Netflix and then I remembered tomorrow is Halloween. I was ready for bed at 6pm, then had a burst of energy around 9pm when I put on some spooky tunes and danced around the kitchen.

I’m excited about Halloween this year, I love dressing up. Halloween is a spirit, a feeling, and if you’ve got it, go ahead and let it out. I’ve been wearing ‘costumes‘ for the last few weeks and things are about to get a little more creative.

I’m tempted to go out dressed as a witch for a bunch of days in October. Zombie? Why the hell not!?

Day 199: Remember Precedented Times?

What would you do differently if you could go back the way things were before? How can you make those changes in your life now? This is the world we are living in and only you can make the life you’ve always wanted. It’s up to you to find joy each day, to do something kind, to see the good in people.

Tomorrow is day 200, I am so glad I’ve been keeping this diary so I can go back one day and read about how I survived the 2020 Pandemic. Writing that is so out of this world. Remember Day 1, Social Distancing? Some days it’s like we’re living in a movie, a really long one and everyone is playing a role in how it ends.

Cases are going up and things are not looking good. I thought we might go back to Stage 2 when the Premiere gave his address today.

In other news, today I had Zoom with Facebook Canada to learn about some new features coming to the platform for Creators.

Day 198: Love Yourself First

Spent the morning with calls and meetings then went to the 1188 office to work for a bit. I cleaned out my desk there a few weeks ago to de-personalize it, the desks work more like co-working now. People aren’t really coming into the office much these days but if someone needs to for production or a meeting, there’s space.

It was so nice and warm out once 3pm hit I had to get outside. I think it’s the last summer0like day we’re gonna have…for a while.

Stopped into Visit Zane for a little hangout, Zane is one of my oldest friends in the city. We’re both from Cambridge and used to hang out in high school! Next, I had a margarita in the sun on the Squirly”s patio, read my book a bit, and caught up with an old friend in New Zealand over DM.

Forgot I had this great shirt from LX Factory in Lisbon, it says “The love of my life is myself.” You gotta LOVE YOURSELF before you can truly love anyone else. Y’know?!

The weather was perfect so I decided to walk back to the house in the Junction Triangle. It was lovely but my feet were not a fan, walking 7km in platform Converse is not recommended.

Spotted some Briony street art along the way!