talkin that blah blah blah

It was weird not tweeting at all this weekend. I feel funny. Interesting & funny post about Gaga’s style I read here. I’m stoked for this week. I need to go to bed, I know I’m tired but I just can’t sleep.  Hate that. The amazing thing (or creepy?) about Facebook is finding all the people you met at an event right away. I bet everyone came home and checked FB. Posted my bloggy on the Budweiser FB page when I got home. Let the creeping begin. haha Saved having biz cards! Need to get some before NZFW for sure. I miss my stickers. They were the best hit ever. I like when  people ask ‘what do you blog about?’ Got that a bunch this weekend. Left my pillow at the house we stayed at, gonna miss that baby. There was a rose quartz crystal in the pillow case, that’s the one for love. I had them for years, the crystal and the pillow. It’s just a thing though, I’m over it.  Sabrina cleaned the house up so nice while I was gone. Totally wonderful to come home to. I’ve kinda cleaned my room. Love life. Later. ♥

Nice shirt.


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