avoiding a case of the mondays

Set a goal this week to take more photos.  Found my camera charger and now I’ve got two batteries and no excuses not to use it.

Lets play show & tell…

This old Mason jar contains vintage buttons. Mum had them in the basement and it smells vintage when you open it.  (you said I could take it Mum) This part of the book shelf has sex related books that never get looked at.

Also in Mum’s basement are about 10,000 McDonalds Happy Meal toys. We obsessively collected them when I was growing up and heaps of them are still in their packages. We would go to Mc Donalds just to get the toys if they were barbie, beanie babies or something cool.  I still do it.  Last year they had Hello Kitty and Barbie and I tried to get them all.

I’m putting this here as a reminder to myself (and you) to not stress this week. I hate stressing. It pisses me off. I prefer to be relaxed and happy. Don’t you?

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