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Got Your Halloween Face On? Wash It Off with This!

Got Your Halloween Face On? Wash It Off with This!

Fake blood, cheap spray on hair colour (I’m wearing purple today), copious amounts of dark eyeshadow…whatever you might be putting on your face, you wanna make sure you’re lookin’ fresh tomorrow without remnants of gunk on your hair or skin. I’ve been using Dermologica products for a while now and shared a few favs the other week (here).

I highly recommend picking up  Dermologica Precleanse to get yourself ready for a new month tomorrow. It’s gentle on your skin, hydrating, and really gets the gunk out. I’ve had blood, liquid latex, dark black makeup, sparkles, and more on me this month and nothing is as lovely on your skin as this. Pick up some at Shoppers or your fav drug store or visit buy.dermalogica.ca for future reference.

Halloween Face? No Problemo!

  1. Red hairspray, glitter gel, Dracula hair paste? Apply to dry hair, emulsify, rinse and shampoo.
  2. False lashes? Precleanse is excellent for removing lash glue.
  3. Precleanse removes stick-on tattoos. 
  4. Eyeliner or dark circles, no problem!
  5. White paste all over your face (or your children’s) – don’t go to bed looking like a ghost!
  6. Fake Blood? A few drops will do the trick. 

Walked past a kids costume parade at lunch in my giraffe costume and it was so awesome. We wished each other HAPPY HALLOWEEN with smiles and waves. Super cute! 


Painted the EmBot like a fairy princess. Can’t WAIT to trick or treating tonight. So cute.


Best costume of the day!


Scary Sury!


Last night’s makeup!


These guys (girls?) are gonna need some help getting that gunk off.



Some tunes for tonight that aren’t super cheeeeezy old halloween jamz. Enjoy!

Please be safe out there if going trick or treating or partying. You never know what golbins & ghouls you’ll run into!






Every day I’m shuf-f-f-lin’!


Me later during trick or treat.





Raptors Home Opener 2013!




Thanks for the fun outing Community Agency!



Rdio New Music Weekly – feat My Girl @SURY_JK!

Rdio New Music Weekly – feat My Girl @SURY_JK!

I’ve been using Rdio since 2010. I LOVE this service. Currently listening to Lightbulbs by Fujiya & Miyagi. Have a bunch of posts tagged Rdio from the last two years here if you wanna check’ em out.

Sury is in this Rdio New Music Weekly – featuring Yamantaka, Sonic Titan. The extended version will be released soon and I’ll update the vid then. Animation studio Tendril.



As Far as the Eye Can See, Panoramic Vision

As Far as the Eye Can See, Panoramic Vision


Trinity Bellwoods park – the day I got my new bike. The same bike that was recently stolen 🙁


Smart Set photo shoot in New York City. The shoot I flew to NY to be at for 5 hours then home.


Setup of the Grey Goose Cherry Noir party way back when. We trended in Canada that night.


The view at my old condo that I don’t really miss. It was good while it lasted.


The lake from the back of the cottage. We have so much fun up there, a little slice of paradise.


Sometimes the sky was so beautiful from this view. I used to watch the planes land, dream of adventure.


I don’t remember where this was. Another party, night on the town, when you look back they’re all the same.


I’m pretty sure this was at The Spoke Club for an event. They have such great food there, I should be a member.


Last week I water damaged my beloved HTC One. I loved that phone SO much. It was the best phone I have had ever. I put it in rice with hopes it would come but to life but I am afraid, it’s not gonna happen.

Got a new iPhone 5s and these are all panoramic photos that came back from iCloud. I thought they would make a nice story.  The slow motion video and thumb print things are pretty cool to be honest.

I go through more phones that anyone I know. Imma try and keep this little baby around for a while!




Last TFC Game of The Season!

Last TFC Game of The Season!


Yesterday I joined Bacardi Canada and some Community colleagues at BMO Field for the last TFC game of the season. Luckily we were in a box because it was unite chilly and raining. Enjoyed some snacks, pizza, sliders and cocktails.


I’ve been to a few games before and absolutely love cheering with the crowd, yelling, and listening to hecklers. It’s so much more fun when you get into the game! TFC took the win against Montreal Impact closing our the season on a high note.

Feeling a little under the weather today. Hopefully it’s not from being in the cold!



We Wouldn’t Be Seen Dead Here in The Day

We Wouldn’t Be Seen Dead Here in The Day


Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 2.02.33 PM

Another night another costume! Brock, Lozzie and I went to the Rue Morgue/Netflix Canada party at Courthouse. It was SO GOOD. I have never been to a Halloween party with so many ahhhhhhmazing costumes. Honestly, there were heaps. I saw a few peeps that didn’t recognize me until I started talking to their face.

I love Halloween so much. I am not a religious person but if there is one thing that I practice, it’s Halloween! It’s at least a week-long celebration every year.


Roxy, Lauren, Becca


There was some craaaaaaazy stuff happening at the Rue Morgue party. This girl above was getting tortured. The girl below had a glass box put on her head then it was filled with bugs while she was tied to a chair. No escape/terrifying. Another girl had REAL leeches stuck to her body then ripped off. Scary!

SIMPSONS FAMILY. He actually had sound bites in his costume. He made the finals.



I ain’t ‘fraid no ghost. Brockbusters!



Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where the day is a bank holiday. The celebration takes place on October 31, November 1 and November 2, in connection with the Christian triduum of HallowmasAll Hallows’ EveAll Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.[1][2]

We were going to the ladies room and this huge guy in a straight jacket and chains ran at us. I was terrified and actually scurried to hide behind something. It was so creepy. He was locked in a cage the rest of the night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.







I wish I could wear face makeup all the time. We finished the night at Dudebox pop-up party in a carwash full of hipsters. It was pretty awesome.

Title is from ‘White Teeth Teens’ by Lorde. Happy Halloween!


I’m not that girl from Freaky Friday anymore! I’m a real adult.

I’m not that girl from Freaky Friday anymore! I’m a real adult.


Had a laugh as I was looking for a quote to do with Friday and I found one from Lindsay Lohan “I’m not that girl from Freaky Friday anymore! I’m a real adult. In fact, I hate children! I hate them all!”  Oh Lindsay!

I’m wearing leather and fur today. It’s cold outside. Glasses are from Top Shop. These are some things on my desk.


Went to Milagro for lunch with my ladies.


It’s been a busy week of World Mastercard Fashion Week. I gave my pass to someone to use today. I’m giving up fashion week to hang with my fams and have dinner together for the first time this week.


Went to the Caesarstone REVEAL party last night. This is Sury, she’s lovely!


Tonight we are going to this MASSIVE halloween party with Rue Morgue and Netflix.You are more than welcome to join the party!

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty exhausted. It’s been a big week.



Joe Fresh SS 2014 at WMCFW

Joe Fresh SS 2014 at WMCFW


A few of my fav looks from the show last night. The photos are quite big so please click read more to see them all. Photo cred to George Pimentel. Joe is always one of my fav shows but sadly I wasn’t there so I creeped the shots today and picked a few favs to share.


View Post


Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy Launches by the Fire

Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy Launches by the Fire

ON Tuesday I skipped out of work to hit the tents and watch a few WMCFW shows. It’s nice to see everyone there but the fashion has actually been quite underwhelming. I want more energy on the runway, excitement, fashion should be fun and not so serious. I saw socks and sandals on the runway too which I can never seem to wrap my head around. I just won’t!

After shows I went with Lauren to the Frank and Oak for Little Burgundy party. It was so fun! They had Parts & Labour catering, PBR, bourbonade, and a campfire outside. Heaps of plaid and beards around too. Saw a bunch of friends there along with some of my crew from Community. I love the Frank & Oak style. Thinking I’ll subscribe for my BF at Christmas (let’s just hope he doesn’t read this!).


Check out the Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy collection on their website at frankandoak.com Happy hipstering!



WMCFW: Tips on Shooting Fashion from @SteveCarty & Canon Canada

WMCFW: Tips on Shooting Fashion from @SteveCarty & Canon Canada

I recently met up with the Canadian Canon Ambassadors for a professional photo session with Steve Carty (you’ve seen him here on the blog before!). I’m really getting the hang of using my DSLR! It may sound silly but it took me a while to get shutter speed and aperture.

After the last session, I finally hold my camera like a professional and not a n00b. No really though!

In this session we learned how to shoot moving subjects on the runway, portraits, and about the built in filters on our cameras. To be honest, I discovered  the filters in my Canon Rebel SL1 right away! I’ve been using Canon since I got my first digital camera pre-blog back in 2004 and I’ve  always loved the creative filters. [Way to be ahead of Instagram guys!]

A Word About Fashion GIFs

I really love GIFs as you know.  I took all these photos the night of our fashion photography session with Carty and made them into GIFS to see the differences with using the Canon filters. Please note, photo quality was drastically reduced when I put these together. I need a photoshop session before I learn to make high quality GIFs! I think they’re fun. I love when designers and bloggers put out GIFs from runway shows so I wanted to test my skills.

Scroll down for some tips from Carty and Canon!

1. Try Canon’s Creative Filters

  • Canon’s Creative Filters can be applied both before and after shooting and can take a photo from average to spectacular
  • You can also stack the filters and create your own unique combinations like Miniature Effect + Soft Focus or Toy Camera + Grainy B&W (The order that you apply the filters also makes a difference in the final output!)
  • If you’ve snapped a photo that seems unsalvageable, try out some Creative Filters and see how it changes it image – you might find an unremarkable picture has been saved!

2. Shoot on the step

  • To capture the most natural looking fashion photos, shoot when the model touches his/her foot down on the runway, not mid-step
  • This elongates the body and will make a real difference in the photos
  • Shoot vertically to see the whole model, if you shoot horizontally, remember where the magazine “gutter” would be in your image and ensure your subject isn’t “in the gutter” (middle of the frame)

3. Focus on the details

  • If you’re unable to get a successful full body shot, look for detail opportunities
  • Focus on the shoes, a belt or a collar
  • 4. Having a hard time shooting all white or all black outfits?
  • Focus on an area of contrast, like a strap, a shoulder or the neckline
  • Consider using AI SERVO AF focus tracking mode. In this mode – the focus continuously adjusts based on the motion of your subject as long as you hold down the shutter button halfway.

5. Stand back

  • Even though most of us want to be in the front row, it’s not always the ideal shooting location
  • Sit or stand a bit further back so you can show more scope
  • Arrive early to get the best shooting locations

6. Shoot in both JPEG and RAW

  • JPEGs are great for uploading quickly to the web, but when you want to edit the file they can lose quality
  • RAW files can be edited again and again while staying crisp and clear
  • When shooting continuously with RAW files the number of shots in a burst is significantly reduced – switch to JPEG if you need more images in a burst

7. Don’t delete!

  • If your memory card is big enough you don’t need to delete files on the fly
  • You don’t have time to delete photos during a fashion show, so shoot as much as possible and edit later – bad photos can be fixed in post-production

8. Focus Tricks

  • If you are having trouble with focus, focus on a spot on the runway where the model steps mid-stride by pressing the shutter button halfway down and listening for the beep. After you hear the beep, flip the AF switch on the side of the lens to MF
  • Wait for the model to walk to the point you where pre-focused on the runway – and take your picture.


Big thanks for Canon, Carty, and our model Tiffany. I learned heaps and I’m stoked to shoot  this week. I’ve actually never been so excited for Toronto’s Fashion Week. Show invites started rolling in today and I’ve got a full calendar from Monday to Friday.

It’s my first time (after five years) shooting with a real camera. I’m excited to share it all with you!


WMCFW: Day One at the Tents

WMCFW: Day One at the Tents

WMCFW: Here’s How I Prepped for A Busy Week!

WMCFW: Here’s How I Prepped for A Busy Week!



I had a lovely and relaxing weekend. Went to Screemers on Friday night for a good scare and spent Saturday afternoon at Hammam Spa. I’ve gone there a few times lately as a way to treat myself to some relaxation. this time I went a little early to relax in the steam room before my full body mud wrap. My skin felt like silk after!


Thank you Hammam Spa for this little gift bag! I had tweeted them the day before about the 20% Stylicity discount (available now!) and they left me some goodies. Oh how I love the Internet!

This little pink makeup bag is from Ted Baker London and I  keep it in my purse to freshen up my look since I often head to events right after work. In it are always a few of my fav things:

  • Essence Nailpolish – dries fast!
  • Essence mascara – not expensive but great volume
  • Rescue Remedy – if you have anxiety, this stuff is for you!
  • Elizabeth Grant blue stick for redness – this stuff is great!
  • Burts Bees – staple!
  • Elizabeth Grant dark circle concealer
  • Dermologica Age Smart primer & tinted moisturizer – both with SPF
  • Moroccanoil Moisturizer stays at home but it’s great and smells wonderful

I recieved a few things in the mail this week to get me ready for Fashion Week. A new toothbrush from Phillips and a whitening pen. I take really good care of my teeth so these were  a treat! In other news, I was in an electric toothbrush commercial when I was 16. It aired in the USA.

These D. Scholl’s accessories will come in handy this week too. I don’t always wear heels but when I do, it can be painful! I’ve got a set of the cushions for the balls of your feel in my shoes today and they are like little pillows.

I finished off my weekend with a day at the cottage in Muskoka with my love. The calm cool air was so refreshing. It’s starting to get cool up there though!

I hope you have an awesome week. I’ll be at the tents every night till Friday covering shows and hanging with my fashion family. It’s always exciting to see what hits the runway, who sits where, and of course, who is wearing what.

Here’s to a great first day of World Mastercard Fashion Week!



Get snapped.

Get snapped.

If you’re ever looking to get snapped at a fashion week you need to stand out. This Bill Cunningham fashion doc is great, you’ll find it inspiring if you are shooting people or getting dressed to leave the house. Watch it on Netflix.

Two things to keep in mind during fashion week are nobody takes photos of boring looking people and YOLO. Some of my fav of my fav looks from the How to Get Snapped at Fashion Week post on FASHION.

Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Kayla-Short Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Sandy-Joe-Karpetz


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Platform Converse OX – White
MORE INSIDE Sea Salt Spray 3.38 oz
Sister of Mine
Magnetic Lashes
This is so nice.
Market Tote
I love the smell of this.
Heart balloons!
For an extra white smile.
Have this one!
Love my Kindle.
For good skin.
Support your girl gang!
The best travel pillow EVER.
Old favourite!
Love this thing. Use it a couple times a week.
Gold!  I have the black ones.
These are the ones I have!
I have two of these.
Just ordered these and they’re great.
Get $40 at Booking.com
Amazing coverage, long time fav.
I wear these all the time.
Travel essential for the 10+ years!
Love love love.
Soft, quick dry, travel towel.
Instant Pot essential!
My favourite shoes.

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