As Far as the Eye Can See, Panoramic Vision

As Far as the Eye Can See, Panoramic Vision


Trinity Bellwoods park – the day I got my new bike. The same bike that was recently stolen 🙁


Smart Set photo shoot in New York City. The shoot I flew to NY to be at for 5 hours then home.


Setup of the Grey Goose Cherry Noir party way back when. We trended in Canada that night.


The view at my old condo that I don’t really miss. It was good while it lasted.


The lake from the back of the cottage. We have so much fun up there, a little slice of paradise.


Sometimes the sky was so beautiful from this view. I used to watch the planes land, dream of adventure.


I don’t remember where this was. Another party, night on the town, when you look back they’re all the same.


I’m pretty sure this was at The Spoke Club for an event. They have such great food there, I should be a member.


Last week I water damaged my beloved HTC One. I loved that phone SO much. It was the best phone I have had ever. I put it in rice with hopes it would come but to life but I am afraid, it’s not gonna happen.

Got a new iPhone 5s and these are all panoramic photos that came back from iCloud. I thought they would make a nice story.  The slow motion video and thumb print things are pretty cool to be honest.

I go through more phones that anyone I know. Imma try and keep this little baby around for a while!



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