Ford Escape: Track Driving, Kayaking, Rock Climbing

Last week I had a full on escape from the city. It was so much fun. It reminded me of camp when I was a kid but it was way better. We drove cars fast and had beers after.

Chantel, Keri, and I have awesome jumps lol

There was about 20 bloggers on our ‘escape’ and the day started with lunch, then games, kayaking, rock climbing and extreme driving on a closed track. We finished with dinner and drinks at Arto Gallery in Distillery District. I’ve been on a few trips with Ford this year and am consistently impressed with their innovation as a brand. Thankfully, they provided us with kayak trailers so we could easily move them from point A. to point B.

I scaled seven stories like a spider monkey. First time outdoor rock climbing and I was awesome at it.

Instagram: This was GNARLY!

My driving partner for the day was Toronto blogger Lisa Charlieboy. I’ve known Lisa for years so spending the day wth her was awesome. We were in Banff together in July for the World Media Fest. See her post from the day at Urban Native Girl. Follow her on Twitter at @UrbanNativeGirl. We did pretty good in the challenges and laughed our heads off.

Gas, sharp turns, slamming brakes. I really, REALLY loved driving the Escape (hard) on the track. This is my face after totally tearing it up. I may have injured a few pilons on the way. They are fine.

Ford Park Assist: Look ma’ no hands!

Extreme Kayaking (with my phone):

By the time we drove back to the gallery and got dinner the digital team had produced a video of all the days content. We all watched it together, there are some really funny parts and crazy driving. I’m trying to get it to show you. Photo credit goes to Michael Marmur, Pinpoint National Photography.

This weekend I’m driving a Ford Fiesta to Montreal w/ a friend and will be writing about it for the Ford Canada Blog. I’m ready for some relaxing, great food, and adventure. We’re staying at the W Montreal which I LOVE. Spent NYE there w/ some friends a couple years ago. It’s hilarious looking at old posts and seeing how things have changed, writing, hairstyles. I had the ‘Miley hair back then. You know what I’m talking about. Should I cut it again?

<3 CASIE    

Pass the Courvoisier: BBQ Chicken & Cognac Cursed Peaches

The other day we had a BBQ inspired by Courvoisier as part of a their current Courvoisier Challenge contest. I must give credit where due because I was in charge of the cognac and Barbie did all the cooking. I’m no chef! It turned out REALLY tasty so I asked her to share the recipes. I took the peach photos.

If you are a budding chef, go get a bottle and cook something! The Courvoisier Collective Culinary call for Submissions ends Friday, August 24th. Visit or for details.  There are cash prizes and trips to Toronto.

You can copy the recipes below if you like!


BBQ Chicken with Cognac

Blend the following together:

  • 3 Inches Fresh Ginger
  • One Small Papaya
  • Honey to taste
  • Courvoisier by free pour
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Salt
  1. Marinate the chicken: Put chicken breast strips in a container or bowl. Generously pour marinade over the chicken; let sit for several hours, the longer the better.
  2. BBQ the drunken chicken:Brush grill with oil and put chicken pieces on the grill. Turn frequently and bbq till fully cooked. Enjoy tender chicken with whatever side your heart my desire – I recommend a spicy fried rice to offset the sweetness in the chicken.

 Cognac Cursed Peaches

  1. Buy a variety of peaches to make it interesting. Cut peaches in half and remove pits.
  2. In a bowl mix together 3 parts Courvoisier to 1 part honey. Add ground cinnamon to taste.
  3. Place peach halves in large Ziploc bag(s). Pour cognac marinade into the bag. Let the peaches soak up this marinade for a few hours, at least one hour before cook time.
  4. Brush the grill with oil. BBQ peaches on the grill, 5-7 minutes on each side or until you can easily press a fork into the flesh. Leftover marinade can be drank, as it’s delicious, or poured over the fully cooked peaches. Serve peaches with a side of your favourite ice cream or pie.

This Courvoisier Peach Nectar WAS AMAZING!


REAL PEOPLE: The Lanvin FW12 Campaign

I am in love with this campaign. The guy who eats frozen blueberries, the one with out a car, the bearded blonde looking for a grant. My favourite is Former Apollo dancer, Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, the film ends with her saying, “Well I said that when I was 18 I wanted to go to Paris so he could turn it around and put the eight in front and the one behind it… Eight one, instead of one eight.” In the background you hear Alber Elbaz say, “Paris is coming to you!” With a big “MWAH!”.  It’s magical.

I think we’re going to see more ‘real people’ in campaigns. Real people like me and you. The girl with purple hair is NY blogger Stella Rose who writes Confessions of a Female Drag Queen. Her blog is as awesome as her style.

I feel like Telus uses real people and Mastercard just did a casting for ‘real people’ for Toronto Fashion Week. I sent in my photo late so the chances of me getting that one are slim.


Sebastian Simon Lifschitz, the one who eats frozen blueberries, used to be a blogger. It is the first time I’ve seen a post on someones blog saying “I don’t really use this blog anymore, if you want to follow me, find me on instagram: sebastianlif”. 

I guess times are changing. Change is good.

Media Dinner at Church Aperitivo Bar

I wasn’t sure what Italiam sashimi was but I love Italian food so I was in. The meal at Church was excellent and I tried a few things I’d never had before.  My notes are not nearly as neat near the end as I’m sure I drank a bottle of wine to myself.

Italian sashimi is cut thinner than traditional sashimi and comes served with toppings. I appreciated this because although I enjoy eating raw fish, sometimes it’s cut too thick at Japanese places and I struggle to get it down my throat then spit it out in a napkin. I know that’s gross but it’s true ok! I can’t be alone here?

I felt pretty great because they had a section ready and a personalized menu. Thanks guys!

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

I slept more in the last three days than I have in ages. I was wiped. I didn’t even tweet until late in the day last night which had friends wondering if I was ok. It’s good to take a digital detox. I’ve got heaps to blog about and will get all those thoughts updates out this week. I was going to call this post Monday Motivation when I wrote it Sunday but now it’s Tuesday.  I have lots of work to do before I’m off Montreal this weekend.

Applications are now being accepted for TEDxToronto. I’ve been a delegate the last two years. I love watching TED videos. Great motivation to do anything, ex. clean your room or write that paper. I think to myself “if they can do that, I can surely do this”. Try it, it works!

Check out this amazing light photography:

This book was in my mailbox from the publisher when I came home last night. I’m already halfway through. I was saying I needed a book to read and something about this one is just right. I can’t wait to see it at TIFF this year.

Enjoy the day 🙂

THIS: Summer Tech Accessories & Apps

A brand new ep. of my show on Coral came out today. This week I’m sharing some of my fav gadgets for playing in the park and summer chilling. We had a big week for the channel passing 1,000 subscribers. Make sure you are one of them by visiting

Things in the Show: