Hey guys! It’s Matt. Here’s my updates from day 2 at Osheaga, let me tell you, the days just keep getting better. You should be here. You NEED to be here. Nice weather all around.

Here are the highlights of my awesome day as told through Instagram!


All of a sudden it got dark and Yeasayer was playing their final song. Great light show.


And then… the oh-so-highly anticipated Snoop Dogg/Liom. His intro sequence was awesome. He did a million classics and was super reggae. Can’t complain about that, can ya?


Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was dropping it like it was hot.


I saw a Jesus hologram, and Chef Ramsay, and Donald Trump. Holograms everywhere! He was great. So vintage, yet so fresh. Snoop did not disappoint.

Here’s to hoping for more sunshine on Sunday. Feel bad for those Lollapalooza-ers! All in the name of music. So worth it. See you tomorrow on my feeds! Twitter = @matttnificent / Instagram = matttnificent

CHEERS N EVEN MORE BEERS (seriously though. I got so many free beers today),


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