Met a friend early for coffee, planning awesomism for 2011. Can you believe 2012 is just over a year away? Go live up your life man, might be over soon.

Got my hair done, back to blonde roots and trim. I love hair done day, Darren Kwik is my stylist. He is really good and he gives great style. He told me the other day that a girl came in and asked for “the Casie Stewart”. Love it. Let’s start an army, bloundetourage style.


Posting this via WordPress Mobile on Motorola Backflip from Telus. This phone is pretty rad, good photos, love the apps, have all my accounts hooked up so I stay connected. Big thanks to Telus and Motorola, I’ve been on the network since March and as a Telus first timer, I’m happy.


I’ve been typing this walking up Queen Street West and hardly looking up. Just about got clothes lined by a window washer lady with a bucket.  Suck it, I vacuumed earlier with the new unit. It’s nice. There are lots of babes in this city, eh? Girls and Boys, we are a stylish bunch Toronto. Yes we are.

11 days till NZFW. omg. the pressure is setting in!


Hmm. What in the world was I doing at this time last year…

Archive ART HIVE Time!

Time travel is fun. I just went through some posts from August 2008 and my style has changed a bunch. I started writing more after that time. My friend Simon said to me one day “stop posting all this crap and write your own stuff”, so I did.

One of the greatest things about having a blog is the ability to go back and see things you forgot about, really remmeber the past and how it made you feel, who you met, what you wore. I love seeing how my life has changed and how much I’ve grown over the years. I inspire myself to keep working hard and reach my goals. Hope fully you inspire you too, or maybe I inspire you (?), either way, I hope you are INSPIRED!

Have an awesome day & I will see some of you tonight at GenYTO. Our guestlist is about 300! You will need your ticket and get there EARLY aiiight.



I want that pencil. So bad. I have never wanted a pencil so. It’s like Brad Pitt and some other really hot babe got together and made a pencil. A really sexy pencil. I want it in my hands. Both hands. I will use two at once and write all over the place. Erase. Permanent love make.

Get over here.


Sometimes I feel like this too, heaps of blogs and twitter accounts, social profiles, multiple personalities. It ain’t easy but I can handle it. I’m crazy like that.

I love this show. Toni Collette is beautiful and a totally wicked actress. The site has profiles all the characters she plays, I haven’t met them all yet, but I’m gonna. United States of Tara, good show. Part of why I love this show is John Corbett, I have been in love with him for many years. He melts my heart. I once dated someone he reminds  me of.  So handsome, both of them, heart melt sandwich. Heart melt sand wish. Heart melt. I posted his photo on tumblr, love.


I got shot by Erika Ruth about 2 weeks ago. Here are some of the pix. It was a super nice day out, sunny, warm.

I was internetting down by the lake in the sunshine. My outfit:  singlet, american apparel bikini, cut off shorts, fishnets, Dr. Marten combat boots, ribbon laces.

Then I chilled out on Canada’s largest tall ship, Empire Sandy.

It got a little windy as I reflected on my day.

This one is my fav.

I’ll have the whole set from her later this week. Stoked to see how they look. I take my OWN photo so often, it’s really nice to have someone else do it. THANKS ERIKA! She can take your photo too if you want too visit her blog or tweet her @erikaruthphoto.

BTW, if you wanna take my photo sometime just ask ok. Maybe we can work it out.

Happy Monday. Sun love .


This kinda reminds me of Dad. Posted it on Tumblr earlier today. My dad is so cool, he’s got tattoos and muscles.  He used to be jacked when I was young and he also had a huge beard.

Been a while since I saw Daddio. DAD IF YOU READ THIS I MISS YOUR FACE OK! I just saw someone tweet about trampoline. Did you know my Dad was a Tramp Coach? Yeah, trampoline.

I tweeted a bunch today and also formspringed. Did you know YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING? Go, amuse me please. I’ve answered 427 so far, and counting.

My sista, Jenie is coming ova tonight too. Hellz yeah. Wonderful day. Well, except the fact that today I’m the stinky kid so I have to keep my arms down and sweater on. Fahk, happens to us all once in a while.

I’m off to Peach Berserk to reveal the WINNER in the dress design contest for school kids. They just rung me to say the place is full of girls waiting to know. Young ladies,  here I come with hopes to inspire you!

Ok. bye. Gotta run, can’t make all these kiddios wait!


Ever since I first saw her last year, I was in love. This little Sheena from NY has great style and likes to do nice things like raise money for kids to go to school. She wore the same dress (7 dresses/same style) for 355 days and has 10 days to go.

I’ve been secretly, or not so secretly in love with her the whole time. Check ‘er out.

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

Remember May 1st 2009? And the days since? Sheena’s yearlong journey is now coming to a close. Through the high times and low, holidays, birthdays, and trips abroad, there’s been one constant… or actually two. This is the story of a girl and her little black dress.


I found these glasses the other day, they’re mine from years ago. Popped the sunnies part out so they’re just frames now. Better for pictures than real life. Glasses are fun.

I’ve been collecting since those amazing neon Harvey’s glasses in the 80’s. My drawer of frames is constantly rotating, new ones, broken, traded, vintage, lens free. We don’t all hang out enough but they sure as hell love sitting on my face.

I’ve had so many hair styles/colours over the years, pink, purple, blue, red, brown, black. Haven’t had a rainbow yet, may be this summer.

This is me in 1998 with longer brown hair, same glasses.

Puking UnicornThis is one of my favorite pictures,  I love it for the colours the unicorn puking a rainbow. A glorious thing really. I’ve fantasized about having a tattoo like it. I wear this special pin on my jacket most the time, a rainbow a unicorn and star. I always say it represents my life, a joke, but kinda serious…

Rainbow: rain, sunshine, bright, special, happy, love, better when shared, spectrum, angles, reflection.. blah blah blah

Unicorn: unreal, imaginary, strong, flying… read so much unicorn crap in the Wiki.

Star:  shines, goals, the sky, dreams and stuff

[goodness, that’s so gay i could puke a  rainbow. just typed ‘rainboy’ haha daaas  funny.]

Ooh, I saw this today and omgaga reeeeallly want and ipad. Universe, can you hear me? I believe in you! GAWD, it looks nice, Tweetdeck on ipad. Just imagine…

I’ve never known a better reason to get a mac. I wasn’t turned by iphone but this baby makes a little  kitten purrrrr. Meow!


I’m not into the conformity of religion. I despise people when think going to church forgives all your nasty things like being a jerk, bad parenting, littering, and douchebaggery.

I grew up with the influence of be kind, give, share, smile, love, happiness.  Basically, that is how I live my life, be kind, love yourself [you are awesome!] and help others where you can, inspire and be inspired by thoughts & things. I had/have very loving parents and a am an older sister. I got to teach things to her growing up and  also learn from her.   She was my everything growing up, me & Jenie we like peas and carrots.

The closest I ever came to religion was studying Kabbalah for a couple years, it changed my life. I have a tattoo on my right wrist of a hai [life in Hebrew] with a pink heart. It is on the right wrist as that works with my circular flow of energy [Left to Right], and in my mind, stamps all my thoughts and feelings coming outward with “love life”.  [And you wondered why I was so happy all the time!] That is my religion, loving life. Many of the teachings I learned from Yehuda Berg, my Rabbi Moshe Yogev and my friends at the centre have greatly influenced my life. I shifted my level of consciousness during that time, I changed how I viewed the world, people, objects, my outlook on life.

I believe strongly that giving is its own gift, once you give, that in itself is a gift, therefore you have already received. The greatest happiness in my at the moment is seeing those around me succeed, helping them achieve, and inspiring others.

I’ve gotten some great emails lately and honestly, I love hearing from you. There’s so many  peeps, I feel I kinda know but haven’t  actually met.  Someday, I’d LOVE to go on tour and visit you all [Especially Jeanne in LA & Two Belt/E1E in Boston]. I put some new guys in to my sketch book this weekend and let me tell ya…borderline artistic is BACK.

Enjoy the day! LOVE LIFE

Question/post inspired by Formspring – Ask me anything


I’m recently watched Objectified, a doc about objects and design. I’ve been waiting, wanting to watch this and sit in my room for ages.

Me, my bed, my gadgets; laptop, camera, flipcam, phone, monitor, sketchbook, reading book, memory cards, usb/wall charger. Objects of my affection. The whole time I’m thinking about web and design, blogging and user interaction, activity.

“a big part of who you are as a designer is the way you look at the world”

jonathan ive, senior vp industrial design, apple

This is also a big part of what makes a good blogger, the ability to show the world how you see it through a different perspective. Taking something and designing it to be interesting.

“when you see an object, you make so many assumptions about that object”

The movie is artistic and filled with industrial design, computer technology, ergonomics, materials, form, connecting, analog, digital, spoon, chair, shape, look, feel. Making gadgets  better.  Making things user friendly.

“improve the way people do things without them really knowing or thinking about it”

“users react very positively when things are clear and understandable”

What are you saying in your header,  the way your blog/website move, images, widgets, pages, reading, writing, categories, colours, links. themes. There’s so many things to think about, so many opportunities to show creativity in detail, design.

phases of modern design

  1. formal logic or the object
  2. symbolism, content, rituals, cultural symbolism
  3. contextual sense, technological, human/object relationships

“everything that has ever filled your world had been designed”

“every object tells a story, it depends how you look at it.”

henry ford

I love tumblr. There, I said it.  I spend hours each week scanning pages of pretty girls with beautiful style. Dreaming of new clothes draped on my body while endlessly scrolling wordboners. New find on Tumblr last night….hellooooooooooo, j’adore so hard. Blog called P.S. I Made This makes me say “P.S love you”. Perfect for stylish girls on a budget or those of us who like to add our own creative flare to an outfit.

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