Winners & Marshalls FW 2016

Winners & Marshalls FW 2016

Last week I went to the Fall Winter preview for Winners & Marshalls in Canada.

Winners holds a special place in my heart because ever since one opened in Cambridge, ON (my hometown) mum and I always made a date of going to check out the merch. Right before Labour Day weekend and also late January are the best times to get the Winners clearance deals. I can’t tell you how many times I found a real bargain, something most people would pick over, consider too wild, or weird, then come next season it was totally the rage.

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    Dressing up in cozy coats and fuzzy hats! 

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Scroll through a few of my favs you’ll find at Winners & Marshalls across Canada come Fall 2016

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The event was upstairs at Peter Pan Bistro on Queen at Peter. I’d never been upstairs! The event space is beautifully bright and airy. Something to keep in mind for future event planning! I wasn’t feeling hungry but the food from downstairs looked delish. They had a mini beef wellington that was hard to resist!