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Monday Motivation: Sunshine and Lake Life

Monday Motivation: Sunshine and Lake Life

Hello and good morning from Muskoka! We drove up to the cottage yesterday for a couple days of paradise. This week is a short one for us as we’re here till tomorrow, back to the city, then Friday we fly out to Boston for the weekend to see some friends. I am so excited!

Went for a nice little walk this morning but there were heaps of bugs swarming our heads. It’s a warm sunny 22 degrees so far.

After doing work all morning I’m heading out in to the water on my paddle board to get some sun and exercise. I absolutely love being up here. At the start of August we’re up here for an entire WEEK!

The sun is calling me… Enjoy the day!

Update: I don’t think I’m quite ready to get back on the board yet. My arm strength/chest muscles are still tender. Looks like I’ll be reading on the dock instead!