These Are The Vines of Our Lives

I loved Twitter’s Vine app. I used it heaps when it first came out and have 200+ thousand views and 400+ videos. Yesterday Twitter announced it’s shutting the app down (and cutting 9% of global staff).

This is a good reminder, it’s not about the platform, it’s about the content.

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As someone who’s been on the internet, making stuff for over a decade I’ve seen a lot of apps have their rise to fame, go viral, get a huge user base, then die.

Lets look back at 12secondstv, I was one of their top users and in 2010 they got bought by AOL and closed up shop. I made short videos of almost everything I was doing and posted them on the app. Around the same time I’d been an active user on Dailybooth, a website where you shared a photo of yourself everyday (mostly from your computer webcam). When Instagram came out, nobody needed Dailybooth anymore, there was a new app with filters right in your phone. Dailybooth died in 2012.

Anyone remember Viddy? I hung out with the founders in 2013 at CES in Vegas and joined the app right away. It was the video version of Instagram!  Justin Bieber and bunch of celebrities used it all the time. Then, one day, Instagram added video. It was game changer. In months Viddy was done. Users jumped ship to an app they were already on to share content to an existing audience.

“it’s not about the platform, it’s about the content”


Here are a few of my fav Vines from my channel and the Internet. I hope you enjoy. As a reminder, keep making good content and try all the platforms to see what is out there.


LADA GAGA SCARES LEO – Remember this? OOP!


SPIRIT ANIMAL – 2 shots of vodka ‘free pour’

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LLAMA BE CRAY – This is funny. IDK. Lulzing too hard to type.

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TREEHOUSE – April and I stayed at a treehouse with no running water in the dead of winter. I woke up in the middle of each night to fuel the fire so we didn’t freeze. I also brought smoke grenades.

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ONE OF MY FAV VINERS – Honestly. She is so funny.

[arve url=””]

LOVE THIS ONE – Like you a lot.

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FAV VINER – kyttenjane is so talented.

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QUEEN BEY @ MTV VMAS – Beyonce, you saw it. No words. Well done Vine with this.

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X-FILES – Rhys Darby is from New Zealand too and when I saw him on X-Files I loved it. He was a lizard man morph working in a mobile phone store and had a funny line.

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If you have never been to the jungle or want to remember what it sounds like, listen to this a few times. (Montezuma, Costa Rica)

[arve url=””]


IN CAR – Cottage drive feat. GRIMES

[arve url=””]

WILDFOX – Cherry on top! ?

[arve url=”″]

DUBSTEP NONNA – Does your nonna make fresh past to dubstep? In my world she does.

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I really hope Twitter never dies, I will be so heart broken. Thanks Vine for all the great times. You will be missed. RIP in the app graveyard with all my other old pre-loved apps.

On that note, keep your eyes and ears peeled for great content opportunities. You never when you’re gonna meet a goat and get 100k views in a day. 

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