The Weekend was Made for Lovers

The Weekend was Made for Lovers



Had a lovely sunday afternoon w/ Sean. Went to the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Had a nice lunch at the Dog & Bear on Queen. This is the “stop taking my photo” face. Ha, anyone who has dated a blogger just has to deal with certain things like taking their photo, having their photo taken, or holding their stuff. Love you for it though!


The tacos at Dog & Bear are sooooo good. The whole menu is splendid TBH.


Walked Otis, the much loved Italian Greyhound at the 1188 Studio. Sometimes I think a puppy would be ok to have but then I walk someone else’s dog and it dog slobbers on me, gets hair on my outfit, or goes to the bathroom on the floor and I take it all back. No dog for me. Deff no cats either!



Next weekend we head up North for 5 days of snow hills, spas, and our very own two bedroom suite at Blue Mountain. It’s a winter min-break just like Bridget and Marc Darcy! Except snowboarding and none of the other people lol. Can’t wait!

The Weekend was Made for Lovers,



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