Take Sunshine Wherever You Go! ☀️

Take Sunshine Wherever You Go! ☀️

Hi hi, yesterday was a great day. Today is jam packed one but it’s doing things I love so it doesn’t really feel like work. 

This is a short update for now b/c I am heading to a shoot I’m directing for a client campaign! See Twitter for updates and Snapchat for the BTS! (Behind the Scenes, mum!)

Check out this fine group of 1188 + Occupied VR + CFC crew from HotDocs last week.

Partied with deadmau5 last night. Thanks Tim Hortons!

Got to watch/take part in a magic show.


The food was really good. That’s deadmau5 getting some steak before me. I saw opted for the no-bread option so I did that too.  


Here’s wishing you a wonderful day. It’s already SOOOOOO NICE OUT.  Take the sunshine wherever you go! ☀️


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