Take a Different Look, See Things Differently

Had a good day working at home yesterday. Finished it off with a bevy downstairs at the Fox with Shan. My trend of winter hibernating has a bit of a new meaning now that I have to go less than 20 steps to a place where real humans hang out. Arrived there with two day old hair in a headband, huge Nana sweater, baggy harem pants from Raymi and an over sized fur. Trust me it sounds more glam than it looked. Man repelling hard.

Watched a few episodes of United Stated of Tara on Netflix when I got home and discovered this cool thing from Google Earth. Check out these cool interactive polar panorama images.

Nana’s old house in New Zealand: Napier Road, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui. Behind Nana’s house are these massive windmills and huge hills like in Lord of the Rings,.

My old house on Curlewis in Bondi Beach, Australia. It was a fave min ute walk from the beach. I loved living there. You might love this photo, depending what you’re into. 😉 Been thinking heaps about moving back there. Some days the desire is so strong. Yesterday was one of them.

The house I live in until I was 21 in Cambridge.

Condo city, heaps of tall glass buildings, concrete jungle and the CN Tower. I love this city, it will always be home no matter where I end up.

Check out this creepy “Like a Doll” shoot I saw on Valfre’s blog. Man I love that girl. I don’t know her but I love her style and creativity.  She posts the cutest things and I really rad drawings. Isn’t it cool how you get to know a blogger through their creative expression?

Starting to plan things for SXSW in March. Super stoked to go, I’ve been dreaming of this for ages! Have a spectacularly awesome day. Heard on the news that Toronto is going to be pretty warm the next few days. Maybe we will skip winter this year? Whatta ya think about that?!!

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