thanks to tweetdeck…

I’m able to Tweet the crap out of my day while multitasking and be in touch with all kinds of people. I chatted Dad about Tweet deck and he replied with something about deck building! No Dad, TWEET DECK! - I hope you can handle the pressures of a burgeoning Twitter following
If you are not on Twitter yet, sheesh, get with it. I know I’m pretty hardcore Internet compared to most people, but Twitter is good for learning about things and being ‘in the know’. My friend told me last week that less than 20% of the population is blogging. This is good, less people writing = more people reading.

Who’s the ‘Buy Nothing’ dummy?

Who, honestly WHO…

Picked the biggest shopping day of the year to be ‘Buy Nothing Day”. It makes a mockery of the concept. How about having it on any other day, not during Christmas time so that people can actually say “Hey, I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy nothing today and make a difference.” Instead, Nov.28, Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day in North America. the rest of the world gets it tomorrow, November 29, the biggest shopping day AFTER Black Friday. Like DUH?

What the eff were you thinking? To me, I think it makes the whole idea behind decreasing consumerism and purchasing crap into a big joke.

i made this for you my pretty

I would still feed you and kiss you and love you. I just wanna keep you all to my little self forever and ever. Our friends could still come over and visit. I’d let you have beers. I would feed you with a spoon and buy you nice presents. Maybe, just maybe I would take you for a walk into town so people can know you are still alive and well and that I love you. ♥xo