I wish I could share posts to other sites like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest. Remember when it first came out? It has changed heaps. I think there’s potential. I use so many other Google products and have  thousands of photos from Picasa web albums that are now Google+ photos. We shall see… follow me Buy flomax online Buy fluoxetine online buy lasix online buy nexium online

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The Science of Social: Periodic Table & Google+

Came across this last night on Google+ via Drew Olanoff. Good find. So many networks, omg. How many are you on? Click the photo to see it in large size. Been playing around in Google+ for the last week. It’s cool. Has potential. I’m a Google Fan Girl so I love seeing & testing out their new technologies & products. If you aren’t in yet, sign up here. Chris Brogan wrote about getting started here. One thing I am really loving is following people that inspire me and getting to see their posts The newsfeed reminds me of a blog. It’s clean & easy to navigate. Talking about this makes me want to draw wireframes. I’ve not had many conversation or a ‘hangout’ on video yet but I will soon. I wanna carve out some time to dive right in & organize my circles. Sounds so nerdy & I love…

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