smell you later hot stuff

Last year, about this time, I wrote about Givenchy Play, it was brand new and no one had it yet. Last night at the Buckler show/party for LGFW I got a mini size  in my giftbag and I really hope more dudes start wearing it.  Buckler link goes to the FB page, their site plays music when you click on it and I hate linking to sites like that. Great style for men though,  I recommend checking it out.

It’s made for a man but it smells oh so good, I’ve had it in my own rotation. I rewarded Ryan, one of our interns at work with a Play giftset recently. He’s starting out in the music industry and I’m happy to help smell extra good. Keep up the good work & enjoy it RYAN!! You can get yours at The Bay if you wanna smell really good too. Ok, busy day today, heading to Allstrem Centre to catch a  bunch of shows LGFW today. Ah! Exciting. Tattoo pix coming right up next!

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