23   161
49   191
39   215
43   282
73   355
16   135
66   319
44   369
37   260
25   182

according to my calculations…

Ola! Thursday is upon up and I’m feelin’ great. Popped over to #andomTO with Carly & O’Nizzle last night. Lots of familiar faces and a bunch of new ones.Aren’t we just the cutest? I look kinda meh but whatevs. Love.

Carly blogged us too & took the pic. Vote for Lauren in the MMVA VVIP, last day today!

Tonight is a Music Industry tweetup at Rovoli followed by me + my bed + tv + relaxing. Went to bed early last night, needed it. Bad. Feelin’ it again.  Law & Order Long & Boring at 11 puts me to bed.

Love this shirt Crabby got for me. The calculator says BOOBIES hehe. Remember how much fun shit like that was when we were kids? Oh man.

Getting creeped out about the G20, there was grafitti by my place this AM and thinking of shippin’ out of the city to work from Mum or Dad’s place. I live in prime PROTESTER-hang area between two banks.

Grafitti was on this subways thing.  Red zone is the other side of the street there. Urgh…

Not worth risking it if you ask me. Heard to day that wireless signals are going to be blocked in the area period & random too. Just what us NERDS LOOOOVE? I’d rather have no ability to leave my house for a week than have no internet. You can stack up on food but you can’t stack up on wifi. Started a new hashtag this morning… #FMN = fuck my neighbourhood.

AAAAAAAAAAh! I’m ready for le weekend. Half day tomorrow ! WOOT WOOT! Next week is MMVA week 🙂


  1. dw
    June 10, 2010 / 7:51 pm

    Come and see us when you're local!

  2. June 10, 2010 / 8:35 pm

    “I’d rather have no ability to leave my house for a week than have no internet.”

    Agreed 100%

  3. TOposterboy
    June 11, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    yeah, I'm staying the fuck away from G20,, not affraid of protesters. afraid opf cops who are looking for any excuse to abuse their authority. if you need that much protection, from common people your probably evil… #FG20

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