OCD Packing Travel Style

OCD packed a suitcase. Suitcase broke. Do you do this too? Five pairs of shoes 2.5 days, about right! Two pairs of Jeffrey Campbells, Sperry’s, Converse & MK thongs.


New NellaBella bag, the ‘Avalon’ is perfect for my Macbook. All my outfits have been from 3F. Long black maxi dress on the plane, blue bell bottoms & yellow stripes last night, today khakis & navy ruffle tank.

It fits both Dell Ultrabook & Macbook Air, not that I often take them both but one day last weekend I did.



I went a little crazy on the NellaBella when I stopped by last week.  This the Moscow was my carryon. It expands so you can fit a heap of stuff in it. Or, if you are like me and gather all kinds or pack in a rush, super handy.



It’s PRIDE week in Toronto. I’m missing the parade this year for the first time in the last 7 years so head up north and see the Tragically Hip, Death Cab For Cutie, New Pornographer’s & Rural Alberta Advantage on Canada Day. I reckon a break from the city hustle will be good!


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