O Weeknd, Where Art Thou?

O Weeknd, Where Art Thou?

Oh hi, it’s me and my smiling face. Started the week out pretty carefree, rode my bike a bunch, spent some time in the sun. 

 Now, I’m ready for the weekend. Been working on a big client campaign the last two days and have been in the office non-stop, and late. 

It’s really nice out today. I love this weather. When I’m not working from home (or the cottage!) I take a few mins every hour to pop outside, ring mum, or soak up some vitamin D.

Put some Kevin Murphy Colour Bug in my hair today. I miss having coloured hair. My roots are coming in so I mostly put it there. It’s faded out to a nice cotton candy.

Wearing new kicks sent from Reebok Canada + WayHome Festival. I used to have a pair like this back in grade 7 or 8, the Reebok Classics. We’re heading up to the cottage this and going to WayHome. Sean is really looking forward to Neil Young tomorrow night. I’m stoked to see Vange Joy and Future Islands. 

The weekend can’t come soon enough! 

❤️☀️😎 CASIE


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