Nike x Sidewalk Hustle Sunrise NTC Sessions

Nike x Sidewalk Hustle Sunrise NTC Sessions

Monday I started bright and early (crack of dawn 6am!) with this great group of ladies for a Nike Training Session.  Hosted by Sidewalk Hustle and taught by Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath, it took place at Malaparte inside the TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

I really loved the workout and didn’t mind getting up at 5:15 but today I am hurting. Omg. My hamstrings, arms, glutes, it was a total body workout.  THANKS EVA!

We’re training as a group for the next few weeks and although I’m sore today, can’t wait for our next session. 

We got hooked up with matching shoes and I totally love them. I don’t usually wear runners but these flashy little guys will be making rotation in my wardrobe. 

They’re the Nike Free 5.0 w/ flywire and motion control, they’re also super light.


After work  yesterday I went for a 45 min bike ride and I really don’t think that was the best idea.  Getting back on the bike after mine was stolen last year has been great for then legs and arms. 


Taking it easy today and giving myself and extra hour of sleep. Here’s a great quote I saw over the weekend. Soar don’t settle. 

I may not be training for any of the 10K races or marathons but I AM training for the marathon of life. Here’s to a great week! 

🌻☀️💖 CASIE

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