Yellow Pages Next Home x MD Media Shoot 

Yellow Pages Next Home x MD Media Shoot 

Yesterday I  on set for a full day shooting 2 commercials that you’ll be able to see very soon. I’m working with MD Media again on a couple ads that will be YouTube pre-rolls so if you see my face in the first 3 seconds, don’t skip! 


I absolutely love being on location, having my makeup done etc. Worked with a great MUA named Julie, she also had a sweet, slightly French accent. Thanks girl!

My first look was very casual and natural. 

The second was when things got really fun.  Took off most the makeup, you can see I got a bit of a tan this weekend. 


Then we applied Triumph & Distaster volcanic ash face mask scrub. 

This stuff smells amazing and it’s from New Zealand!! I was sent it a few weeks back but hadn’t tried it. You can now find it in Canada.   


We were shooting at this great place in Rosedale that backed onto a forest. The birds were chirping away all day, loved it. 


Looking forward to laughing and probably being a bit embarrassed when these come out. I’m always a little nervous/excited for new on camera projects!



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