A Super Good Time Celebrating Mexico w/ Jarritos!

It was the day after Halloween, I’d been working from home, did some work, and took a nap. When I woke up I was in a hungry daze. Checked my calendar and I was so glad so glad to see this dinner because I love Mexican food and Marian invited me + I was really hoping we’d get to sit together.  On the Eve of Dia de los Muertos and I hung out with a bunch of bloggers and  Jarritos Canada eating Mexican food. The night was full of laughs and a delicious menu all washed down with Jarritos. My favourite flavours are grapefruit and mango for the record.



Shoutout to their photog Josh for the photos.↓ In this one,  I’d already posted something on my IG story and someone said “do that again” so I’m laughing here because I’m watching my own IG story haha. 

The menu was prepared by La Carnita. We started with 3 dips and chips including amazing guacamole, corn salsa, and spicy bean dip. Next, we had spicy Scorpion wings and Mexican Street Corn. I really wanted to eat the corn but it was a bit too messy for my liking so I passed and moved right onto the tacos.

I really love dinners like this that bring together a bunch of people from different backgrounds. I don’t usually get invited to that many ‘foodie’ specific things so always fun to make new friends.

We finished off the meal with Paleta, one of their signature items, similar to a popsicle that cleans the palette. I am getting hungry as I write this. 

Thank you Jarritos Canada + Branding & Buzzing for the invite. So great to hang out and catch up over my favourite food! Sean is a fan of Jarritos and I was lucky to bring some home too. ?


I was compensated for this post but there's a good chance I would have gone for the food + fun times. ?