live your life as it’s meant to be

First day for a while it’s not been sunny out. I find myself to be very productive on these days. Dive right into my computer!

This song is a good motivator.

I’m on the edge of glory, I’m on the edge! I wanna do the EDGE WALK on the CN Tower.

Hair is back to a nice blonde. I really wanna grow it out this winter. It’s a mega process. Had it short for so long now. If I focus I can do it. I mean, make it through the awkward stages! Got any tips? Luckily I love wearing hats.

Really loving new desk setup. Mac things are so pretty. My Dodo Case for iPad is totally busted. Basically a scrap of bamboo. I really need to EM them about that. Got a new Motorola DEFY yesterday adn I’m happily back on the Telus Mobile Network.

Doing a photo shoot tonight with Lauren, Raymi, Anna and some babes for PinkMafia. Had a wicked sleep last ngiht so hopefully I don’t look tired! Off to a camera shop & hopefully will have some good news about  new project by end of day.

Make it a great one 🙂

* Loving Spotify and title is from Mumford & Sons ‘The Cave’. So good.




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