I Hear The Mermaids Come Out in The Moonlight

I love when the sun shines and makes rainbows like this.


Up early and off to Dearborn, Michigan!   I usually wear heels when I travel but at this temperature and 7am for a 1 hour flight, I couldn’t be bothered. Plus, my five pairs of shoes fit nicely in my now broken suitcase. I need new luggage ASAP.

Thank you Barbie for these great MK shoes. I need a pedicure.  There’s a wicked deal for shellac mani/pedi on Buytopia right now for $25. Ends tomorrow! 875 people have already got it. I have one, gonna try and go this weekend.


This app is called TripIt. It pulls flight & travel info from your email and puts it all here for you. SUPER convenient if you travel heaps. It’s also free 😉


I flew on the smallest little peanut ever. 18 people!


Asked the security lady to take my photo. What a diva!


Later Toronto! Nice being in ya.


Hellooooooo Michigan! Sat in the car with someone from Spain Newswire and Karl Lohnes who is on CTV Metro News & HGTV. Both from TO & super nice.


I’m here at the Hyatt in Dearborn, Michigan for Go Further With Ford a conference about Innovation & Design. INNOVATE OR DIE!  Told you that was a trend last week. I think it’s mostly traditional media which is exciting for me. Digital kids paving the way for new media huzzahhhhh!


Ford is super savvy about this whole conference from the invite, to registration, logistics and delivery. I was here w/ Ford in January for the International Auto Show and was quite impressed. I posted about it here and here. They sent 150 of the worlds top bloggers for a three day press tour. I met  Stuart Flatt from Average Joe’s Blog in England and stalked Dylan Culhane from  South Africa. There were heaps of cool kids & journos. Looking forward to what the next few days will bring. I’ll keep you in the loop!

Room service is here. I’m starving. Hope you’re having an AWESOME day!


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